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Give You The ‘Oh Là Là’ Sensation, Wall’s Carte D’Or Ice Cream With 4 Flavors



Wall’s Malaysia has officially launched 4 brand new flavors from the quality Parisian dessert brand. With all the various Carte D’Or ice creams available, there is certainly something for everyone. Many people could experience indulgence in every spoon with Carte D’Or. Established in 1978, Carte D’Or has a long heritage of professional craftsmanship, made from carefully selected authentic ingredients sourced from around the world.

Made with Carte D’Or’s luxurious ice creams, the 4 flavors are Dark Chocolate Truffles, French Vanilla Crème Glace, Caramel Glace with Almond Tarte Crumbles and also Glace à La Strawberry. Every single one of this particular Carte D’Or’ ice cream sound so delicious. Cannot wait to get and try all of them.

Picture: Wall’s Malaysia

  • Dark Chocolate Truffles – made with premium Italian chocolate
  • French Vanilla Crème Glace – made with Madagascan vanilla
  • Caramel Glace with Almond Tarte Crumbles – made with Australian almonds
  • Glace à La Strawberry – made with Strawberry pieces.

Carte D’Or ice creams are currently available exclusively at Jaya Grocer, Lazada, Shopee, GrabFood and Foodpanda, and will be made available nationwide at supermarkets and hypermarkets closest to you from August onwards. The recommended retail price per pint is RM20. The limited-edition desserts will be available in sets of two and four.

Sources: Facebook Wall’s Malaysia.


(Video) Stay Alert! Signs That You Have To Know When Water Column Is Coming



A water column is actually a conceptual column of water from the surface of a sea, river, or even lake to the bottom sediment. There have been so many deaths and also trouble happened because of the water column phenomenon here in Malaysia. So shocking to hear that kind of news because water columns are usually so sudden and it is hard to avoid.

Worry not because there are actually certain signs that you can be aware of few moments before the water column phenomenon happens. Taking note of these phenomena could really help you a lot when a sudden water column comes near your area. The informational video was posted by a TikToker that goes by the name Murshid. This is it.

@muciddddPetanda kepala air. #T#ikTokGuru #L#earnOnTikTok #T#HIIN #t#hecolossalmalaysia♬ original sound – Murshid🐧

Signs that you have to know when the water column (kepala air) is coming:

1) There are suddenly increasing amounts of branches and leaves flowing in the water.

2) The water suddenly turns murky and frothy.

3) Water level increases in certain areas.

Sources: TikTok Murshid.

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Stay Safe! Try These 7 Tips When You Ride Your Motorcycle In The Rain



Some riders think that when the rain starts to come down, so too should the garage door, tucking the bike away until the sun shines again the following spring. It is so obvious to know that water reduces your motorcycle traction on the road as it creates a layer between your tires and the road surface. Then there is the problem of visibility and also the fact that previously non-slippery surfaces and road markings become slippery. That situation is really dangerous.

Unfortunately, those people are missing out on one of the best motorcycling experiences, as riding in the rain can actually be fun, so long as you know what to expect and how to change your riding accordingly. Rain is unavoidable and while you will probably never relish the opportunity to go out on your bike when it’s hammering down, it is not something you should be scared of. If you are fearful of it, it is something that you should really work on because, as we mentioned, you are going to do it at some point. You should try these 7 tips when you are riding in the rain.

Picture: Bennetts Insurance

1) Avoid Shiny-Smooth Surfaces

Surfaces that are kind of slippery on dry days become perilously slippery in the rain. Stay off of things like painted lines, manhole covers, metal plates, and even tar snakes. If you do find yourself caught on one of these, avoid hard braking or acceleration, just roll over it without any sudden inputs.

2) Find A Dry Line

When available, try riding in the tire tracks of vehicles in front of you. A car’s wheel can act like a plow, pushing water on the road out of the way for a brief moment. Soak up that dry pavement while you can.

3) Don’t Trust Puddles

That fun-looking mini-pond of splash-able joy could be hiding a foot-deep pothole, or who knows what else. If you can’t avoid riding through a puddle, hold the throttle steady, keep the bike upright, and don’t touch the brakes.

4) Keep Your Cool

Stay relaxed, and don’t make any sudden moves. Harsh, abrupt acceleration, braking, or steering can quickly eat up your limited traction. Make all your inputs smooth and gentle. If you have to brake hard, do it progressively, slowly squeeze the lever at first, to load the front tire and compress the suspension, then gradually increase the force until you’ve slowed enough.

5) Loosen Up

Clinging to the bars with a death grip will do three bad things. First, it will tire you out faster, exaggerate the effects of any movements you make, and keep your suspension from working as it should. Remember that your bike is designed to handle small bumps and wiggles, so let it do its job.

6) Give Yourself Time And Space

Take it easy. Reduce your speed, and put more space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Braking distances are much longer in the rain, and you can’t count on having traction when you need it. Plus, you need time to scan the road ahead and choose your lines, so you can avoid all the wonderful things we mentioned above.

7) Dry Gear Isn’t Enough

Waterproof gear is great and all, but the visible waterproof gear is even better. Remember that rain makes it even harder than usual for cars to see you. If your rain gear is all black, invest in a hi-vis vest or other reflective accessories.

Sources: Twisted Throttle.

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(Video) Knowing About ‘Baryon Mode’! Naruto’s Most Dangerous Mode!



Naruto in the Baryon Mode is being hailed as his most potent form as of yet. In this state, Naruto’s hair becomes spikier, standing up on its ends with tufts on each side of his head appearing as fox ears. His whisker markings become thicker, with the upper ones on each side curving up below his eyes. The pigments around his eyes become black and stretch up towards his makeshift fox ears, and he takes on Kurama’s red-slit eyes. Although this mode comes at a tragic price, there can be little doubt about the fact that it buffs Naruto’s raw strength to superhuman levels.

The coloring of his own clothes turns slightly darker orange, and he also gains a chakra cape with a black swirl in the middle of his chest. Flowing from the back of his cape are four orange and red in the anime chakra tails, with five more at the end of the cape, each tail has a black line down the center that connects in the middle of the cape as a swirl.

As powerful as Baryon Mode is, it is extremely dangerous if used for too long or recklessly. Doing so will gradually drain at the user’s strength and very lifespan. Because of the extreme risk, the user must not make any unnecessary movements, nor act on any stray thoughts, focusing on only the most calculated of moves to keep Baryon Mode stable. Even more, over-usage of this form comes at even greater risk at Kurama’s life altogether, effectively killing it.

Upon reaching the breaking point, Kurama’s entire being will be destroyed, depriving Naruto of all the kitsune’s chakra and also capacities. However, the removal of Kurama from its jinchūriki will not endanger the latter’s life.

Sources: YouTube Aman Kumar, Narutopedia,

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