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Self-Discovery Lesson! These Are 5 Signs That Prove You Are A Short-Tempered Person

The definition of short-tempered would be someone who is quick to get mad. A short temper can also be a sign of an underlying condition like depression or intermittent explosive disorder (IED), which is characterized by impulsive and aggressive behavior. You’re probably at least somewhat aware of how your short temper affects other people.

But being quick to anger can also affect you in surprising ways and take a toll on your health. But, before all of that happen. There are actually several signs that can be seen to easily diagnosed people who are short-tempered. These are actually 5 signs that prove you are a short-tempered person in your own life.

Picture: The Indian Express

1) You Do Not Like Being Interrupted

Being impatient is your other side. Hence, during conversations, you make sure to put forward your views in one go. Any discussion is off the table. If people interrupt, you give them a fuming look or immediately put up your hand, implying they stop what they are saying.

2) You Never Let Go of Fights

Again, you do not hesitate to speak your mind during a fight. You find yourself at your prime, in the process of displaying your dominant self. Be it friends, family members or an unknown person, backing down is not an option. You blurt out everything that comes to your mind.

3) You Get Mad Over Small Things

This usually happens when you are in a corporate surrounding or in college handling assignments. You usually prefer working alone, but during group projects, people in your team know not to cross you. Any mistake committed by your team members or by you, for that matter, makes you angry instantly.

4) You Are Upfront About Your Dislikes

You are allergic to nonsense. If you believe that something around you is not right, you do not hold back from speaking about it. You do not care for what others might think. You blurt your opinion and never feel guilty about the same.

5) You Are a Constant Complainer

If you find yourself complaining often about life being unfair or other transgressions that you might be facing on your professional and personal front, you may have an anger problem. Other topics of angry discussion may also include a political debacle, sports news, or some event.


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