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Strange Laws In North Korea That Many People Don’t Know

North Korea is known to be the world’s most secretive state where the laws are not something we could see in other countries. It takes away the basic rights of its people and forces some terrible dictatorial rules on them. Recently, a girl shared her experience of running away from North Korea and narrated how brutal the country is.

Here are 7 strange and bizarre restrictions that are imposed on the common man of North Korea:

1) There are only three channels on TV

Sources: The Guardian

Unlike other countries where you can choose from up to 1000 channels, North Korea allows its citizens to choose from three channels only. Everything shown in the channel is controlled by the government and they have no other choice than to switch through three of them.

2. The ‘three generations of punishment’ rule

Pictures: India Times

In North Korea, if you commit a crime, instead of being punished alone, your entire family would be punished for the same. Your three generations that is your grandparents, parents, and children will undergo the same punishment. This rule was made to prevent individuals from escaping the prison.

3. There are 28 government-approved hairstyles that they need to abide

Pictures: Google

It may sound surreal but the North Korean government has 28 official hairstyles approved where all men and women of the country have to follow the same hairstyles. Other hairstyles such as spiked hair are banned because the government thinks it’s rebellious. This law was brought in by the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un in 2013. His own hairstyle was not included because he wanted to keep it unique.

4. The country has its own basketball rules

Pictures: Google

The entire game was changed. In North Korea, slam dunks are worth not only two but three points and the field goals in the final three minutes of the game are worth eight points. But if you miss three throws, a point is deducted.

5. You need the government’s approval to live in the capital

Pictures: Wall Street Journal

The supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un wants only the most successful, rich, and powerful people to liven in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. In order to make the capital your home, you need express permission from the government.

6. Parents are to provide their kids’ desks, chairs, and building materials.

A student going to school has to pay for their own desks and chairs as the fees don’t cover it. The parents have to pay it separately.

7. Owning a Bible is a crime in North Korea

Pictures: Google

The bible is not allowed in the country as it is considered to be a symbol of western culture. It was said to be able to influence the people and convert them. Once, a Christian woman who was distributing the Bible was arrested and executed.

Sources: India Times

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