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Suffering Nose Pain For 37 Years, Woman Discovers Tiddlywink Stuck in Her Nostril

A woman who often complained of a sore nose found there was a plastic piece of toy called a tiddlywink stuck in her nose for 37 years. Mary McCarthy later recalled she once stuck the toy piece in her nose as a child in 1984.

She inhaled a piece of yellow plastic but then was afraid to tell her mother.

“One time I accidentally inhaled one instead of blowing it out, and I was a bit too scared to tell my mother, so I didn’t,” she said.

The 45 -year -old woman from Christchurch in New Zealand said she was worried when her nostrils were ‘always watery’ and things got worse. The pain she experienced worsened when she underwent a Covid-19 screening test before she got medical help.

She underwent surgery and the surgeon was shocked when he removed a piece of toy plastic that had been stuck in her nose since she was eight years old.

“When I woke I said ‘what was it? ’ – they said it was the laugh of the hospital – a tiddlywink and it hadn’t even lost its color.

“There was calcification around it and that was probably why my nose had grown a bit crooked,” added Mary.

After the surgery, Mary is now living a better life with more comfortable breathing.

Sources: Mirror UK, Oddity Central

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