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The Real Reason On Why Barista From Starbucks Always Get Your Name Wrong

This particular thing of misspelled names on your Starbucks cup would always happen and usually towards those people who have a long names. A misspelled name on the side of your Starbucks cup can prompt many reactions. Maybe it makes you laugh, maybe it makes you angry, maybe you just shrug and proceed with the very necessary caffeine consumption, or maybe you post about it on social media.

And even if you are mad about it, at least the rest of us get to laugh about it. Little did many people know, there are actually understandable reasons behind it on why it happened. For anyone with an uncommon name, ordering Starbucks coffee can feel a little like the first day of school. These are actually the reasons why it happened.

Picture: Houston Chronicle

1) Not A Requirement For Barista To Ask The Spelling Of Your Name

Baristas are not required to ask for the spelling of your name, which is why it can go so haywire when you order. According to a barista at a Starbucks in Nashville who stated, “There’s no real corporate policy other than that we ask for your name”. The barista also added, “We’re not required to ask for a spelling. We often do, but it’s hit or miss depending on the person working at the time”.

2) Busy Schedule

Baristas are also just insanely busy most of the time. According to a barista in Dallas who stated, “When I have 40 people in line, if I took the time to ask every single person online how to spell their name, it’s going to get even longer”. So they resort to guessing. So it’s up to customers whether do they want their coffee in a minute or two or do they want their name spelled correctly.

Sources: Insider.

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