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Used To Be Famous, These Are The Reasons Why Ronald McDonald Got Rid



Ronald McDonald is a clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain. In television commercials, the clown inhabited a fantasy world called McDonaldland, in which he had adventures with his friends Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and The Fry Kids. By 2003, the McDonaldland world had been dropped from McDonald’s advertising, but Ronald himself continued to appear.

Unfortunately, the Ronald McDonald mascot has been fading little by little because of several reasons. The absence of Ronald McDonald is bound to split people into two groups. There are those who will view Ronald’s firing from the McDonald’s of today as yet another piece of their childhood gone forever. On the opposite side of the coin, are those with more of a ‘good riddance’ attitude about it. These are the reasons why they got rid of Ronald McDonald.

Picture: NPR

1) Creepy Clown Sightings Were Bad PR For Ronald

Despite the friendly and fun good nature of Ronald McDonald, 2016 bought some bad press to clowns everywhere that not even the almighty machine of McDonald’s wanted to try and fix. The clowns were chasing motorists with knives, lurking around schools, and otherwise just being real creeps. McDonald’s and franchisees in the local markets are mindful of the current climate around clown sightings in communities and as such are being thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events for the time being. It was pretty clear that the creepy clowns were more trouble than McDonald’s wanted to deal with and it was time for Ronald McDonald to take an extended leave of absence.

2) Didn’t Fit In With The Hip Makeover Of McDonald’s

McDonald’s has been going through a makeover to make its restaurants more appealing to adults and less like kiddie burger joints for years. The company started this makeover in 2012, and they’re still in the process of updating its 5,000-plus locations. This means self-order kiosks, refreshed exteriors, and what CNBC described as modernized dining rooms that feel like ‘barista-style cafes’. McDonald’s now wants to be part of the cool crowd and Ronald’s goofy look just doesn’t fit with the restaurant’s new earth tones and dining room bar stools. Long story short, Ronald’s whole appearance is stuck in the past and Mickey D’s is trying to grow up.

3) Ronald Was Facing Backlash On His Marketing To Kids

Ronald McDonald may have been McDonald’s main mascot since the 1960s, but his presence was wearing thin before those terrifying clown sightings of 2016. Various watchdog groups had been criticizing Ronald’s marketing of unhealthy fast food to impressionable kids for years. A rebranding of a cooler Ronald McDonald that year that would vibe more with the adult image McDonald’s was shooting for was also a flop.

4) Ronald McDonald Lives On At Least One Day A Year

McDonald’s could always bring Ronald McDonald back whenever it likes, but these days, if you look through its Facebook or Instagram accounts you’ll see that they’re totally Ronald-free. This doesn’t mean that Ronald McDonald has been 100 percent erased from the brand. Not yet, anyway. You can still see Ronald McDonald representing the Golden Arches at least one day out of the year. McDonald’s has been flying a giant Ronald McDonald balloon in the parade for years and it continued to do so at the 2019 parade. Ronald’s parade appearance wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, though. Poor Ronald suffered a gash in his leg after being blown into a tree branch. The deflation got so bad that NBC cut away to pre-recorded footage from an old parade to save Ronald the embarrassment. He’ll reportedly be repaired and fly again but for how long is anybody’s guess.

Sources: mashed.


Vaccination For Homeless Begins In Kuala Terengganu



KUALA TERENGGANU, Sept 27  — After the prisoner and Orang Asli groups, the Terengganu government began extending the vaccination programme to the homeless in the state last night.

State Local Government, Housing, Health and Environment Committee deputy chairman Ahmad Shah Mohamed said 18 homeless people from around Kuala Terengganu received the single-dose CanSino vaccine.

“The response received from the group was very encouraging as they had been briefed on the importance of getting the vaccine by several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that had been in close contact with them.

“The vaccine administration went smoothly, except for the few who fled, probably because they were not comfortable seeing so many strangers. We will track them down so that they will not be left behind in the vaccine roll out,” he told reporters after checking on the vaccination process for the homeless last night.

Also present were personnel from the Terengganu State Health Department, Social Welfare Department, National Registration Department, Community Social Association and the police.

To date, it is estimated that there are 50 homeless people in the Kuala Terengganu district.

Meanwhile, Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Rani, 50, from Kerteh, Kemaman said he was thankful that the government has not sidelined the group in the vaccination programme.

“I am aware about the vaccine after watching television at the restaurants near this bus stop … I was not afraid because the NGO members who had been helping us have reminded us to cooperate with the doctors.

“Anyway, the process did not take long, it was painless and over within minutes. The doctor too was kind to us just like the NGOs who have been providing us with food and other needs,” he said.

Sources: BERNAMA

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Add To Your To-Do-List! These Are 5 Best Theme Parks In Malaysia To Try!



A theme park is actually a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes. They are more elaborate than city parks and also playgrounds, usually providing attractions that cater to a variety of age groups. These places are the ones to go for some enjoyment.

Recently, the government of Malaysia has announced that nationwide theme parks are expected to reopen and be back in business in the month of November. Theme parks across the country are expected to reopen to the public after the nation’s vaccination rate reaches 90 percent of the adult population. These are the 5 best theme parks in Malaysia.

1) LEGOLAND Malaysia

Picture: Legoland

Legoland Malaysia Resort is Malaysia’s first international theme park, which opened in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia on the 15th of September 2012 with over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. It is the first Legoland theme park in Asia and sixth in the world upon its establishment.

2) Lost World Of Tambun

Picture: Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun is a theme park and hotel in Sunway City Ipoh, Tambun, Kinta District, Perak, Malaysia. Managed by the Sunway Group, the 40-acre park opened on 11 November 2004 and is officiated by Sultan Azlan Shah. The theme park is known for its natural hot spring, also features other attractions including wildlife and rides.

3) Sunway Lagoon

Picture: Sunway Lagoon

The Sunway Lagoon is an amusement park in Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia owned by Sunway Group. The park began operations in 1992 and was officiated by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad, on 29 April 1993.

4) ESCAPE Theme Park

Picture: ESCAPE

The founder of ESCAPE wanted to build a theme park that would provide kids and adults with the most natural form of fun and adventure. Thus, the theme park was born, set amidst nature, surrounded by lush green, and with so much for you to explore all in one space.

5) Splash Out Water Theme Park

Picture: Splash Out Water Theme Park

Splash Out Water Theme Park is the best theme park in Langkawi. There are 12 exciting attractions for you to try out while you’re here, ride 5-foot waves at the Wild Water, plunge down twisting water slides, or catch a barrelful of water at the Big Splash Kingdom.

Sources: Legoland, Lost World of Tambun, Sunway Lagoon, Escape, Splash Out Langkawi.

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Top 5 Real Life Horror Movie Spots That Will Creep You Out For Good!



Horror fans have an inexplicable desire to be terrified at all times of the year. Some people accomplish this by viewing classic horror films on Netflix while others go to the movie sets themselves. while others go to the movie sets themselves. . Watching from your couch is one thing but would do you have the guts to visit the filming spot in real life?

The majority of these destinations are real-life locations that can be visited at any time of year and do not have any creepy auras. However, some of these locations have a reputation for being haunted, and only the bravest of souls dare to visit them.

You can visit these 5 real-life horror movie locales right now, whether it’s October and you’re looking for a little frightening sight-seeing or it’s spring and you’re suffering horror withdrawals.

#1- Camp No Be Bo Sco, Blairstown, New Jersey –Friday The 13th

Picture: Reader’s Digest Asia

Mrs. Vorhees, who terrorized children at a summer camp in one of the most iconic horror films of all time – and subsequently her son, Jason, in a slew of sequels – is real. In addition, it has a summer camp program. For children. It kind of blows your mind, doesn’t it? The only notable change is that the eerie camp known as Camp Crystal Lake in the movies is actually named as Camp No Be Bo Sco. And, of course, it hasn’t been the scene of a slew of killings. It’s fortunate that the majority of the campers aren’t old enough to remember Friday the 13th or any of its sequels. However, it makes you question the parents.

#2- Seneca Creek State Park, Maryland –The Blair Witch Project

Picture: Reader’s Digest Asia

Tourists have been flocking to the little town of Burkittsville, Maryland in quest of the famed Blair Witch ever since the publication of this now-iconic “found footage” horror film. However, for an authentic experience, head about 60 kilometers south of the small town to Seneca Creek State Park, where the majority of the movie was shot. Given Burkittsville’s population of only 200 people and the lack of nightlife, getting lost in the woods could be the best way to spend your time anyway. If you do decide to pitch a tent and spend the night in the woods, make sure to dress brightly and keep an eye out for hunters – the kind that shot deer, not the kind that ritualistically murder you in abandoned houses’ basements. Take a spooky virtual tour of the most haunted woodlands on the planet.

#3- Toms River, New Jersey –Amityville Horror house

Pictures: Wikimedia Commons

It’s a true story: a man murdered five members of his family before turning the gun on himself in his own home. The Amityville Horror was inspired when the home’s new residents claimed to be terrorized by ghosts a year later. However, the film was not shot in the allegedly haunted mansion in Amityville, New York. The Amityville Horror was actually shot in a non-haunted home in Toms River, New Jersey, perhaps to avoid paying money to unearthly extras. It’s logical. The Amityville house, which was once a crime scene, is a terrifying place to visit.

#4- The Exorcist Steps, Washington, D.C. – The Exorcist

Picture: DCist

Isn’t it difficult enough to see The Exorcist with your eyes open? Try living in the same neighborhood as the film that many regards to be the “scariest of all time.” The house itself exists in a normal neighborhood just a few blocks from Georgetown University, but it isn’t exactly as depicted in the film. For one thing, you won’t be able to see Regan MacNeil’s chamber window, where the possessed small girl terrorized her visitors — the interior of the house was really filmed in a studio.

Nearby are the stone stairs that Father Damien Karras slid down in an attempt to exorcise the demon from his body. On October 30, 2015, a plaque was installed on the steps to commemorate the location’s famous popularity among horror movie fans.

#5- Monroeville Mall, Pennsylvania – Dawn of the Dead

Picture: Reader’s Digest Asia

It’s a shopping center that inspired a big-budget horror film. Horror movie icon George A. Romero allegedly came up with the idea to put people against zombies in this temple of consumerism while wandering around the Monroeville Mall, one of the largest of its kind at the time. In the winter of 1977, the production of Dawn of the Dead took conducted in the mall during closing hours. One can only imagine what the shoppers thought of all the fake blood-soaked rags and severed limbs crammed in the trash cans.

The real mall now houses retailers such as Macy’s, American Eagle, and Forever 21, but it still hosts annual zombie-themed events, including the occasional zombie walk, to commemorate its position in horror film history.

Sources: Reader’s Digest Asia

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