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(Video) Starbucks Barista Praised By Netizens For Their Heartfelt Reaction Towards Heartbroken Girl

In this particular life that we live in, there are definitely so many sweet and also bitter memories that we would have to gladly or painfully pin in our hearts for the rest of our precious lives. Sometimes, the people that we always hope for such as our beloved family members and close friends are not around when we are grieving. Surely it is difficult for any of us to express our own feelings to others especially those who do not understand our situation at that time.

However, in fact, some strangers could be the ones who are more understanding and able to give us so many words of encouragement to cure the grief that we are feeling at the moment. Just like this particular video that went viral on the TikTok app. The video shows a girl gets a sweet treat from a Starbucks barista for being sad has caught netizens’ attention.

@surifaleeCerita starbies yg sedih harini #starbucksmalaysia #fyp♬ Original sound owner rmdnramli – Keyla Azwan

Through the posted video, the girl can be seen to be in her car when she asked for order via drive-thru at a particular Starbucks branch. At first, she asked the barista “Do you have like any suggestions for someone that just got her heart broken?”. What silenced the girl was when the Starbucks barista suggested the name of the water for her while saying “That’s right because it’s sweet, it can add sweetness to your life”.

At the end of the video, another male barista who gave her order took the time to ask if the girl’s condition was okay or not and said “Don’t be sad, just relax and enjoy your drink okay?”. The sentence apparently touched the girl’s feelings so much that it made her voice vibrate when she said “Bye” towards the barista. Many netizens were also touched and feeling sad after seeing the video of the girl. In fact, many praised the Starbucks barista who really understood the customer’s situation and had time to give her words of encouragement.

Sources: TikTok Surifalee.

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