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YouTube Review: Unbelievable! Creepy Things That Considered Normal 1,000 Years Ago!



Modern people aren’t exactly without our flaws, but for the most part, we’re less willfully creepy than our forbearers. New political ideas and new technologies were transforming the way people lived but casting an ominous tinge over their lives. More than any before it, the 20th century was defined by scientific advancement. Unfortunately, as much as science is a process of often expensive and lethal trial and error, so, too, was much of the 20th century.

A thousand years ago, there were a lot of super creepy things that people did that were considered just another day at the rodent-infested hovel, or the castle, or whatever drafty and unpleasant structure it was you found yourself living and or working in. This was partly due to people’s not very sophisticated understanding of everything and partly due to people just making stuff up because it was the only way they felt like they could control their not-very-controllable existence on planet Earth. Here are the 5 creepiest things people thought were totally normal 1,000 years ago.

1) Shave And A Heart Transplant

If you needed surgery you didn’t go to a physician, you went to a barber. Evidently, people thought that a person who was skilled at cutting hair would also be skilled at cutting human flesh. According to Ancient Origins, physicians were exclusively reserved for the upper-class, which let’s be honest is sort of the way things are headed in the United States these days, but anyway. A proper physician was way, way too educated to touch blood or God forbid the broken limbs of a dirty peasant.

The barber/surgeon, on the other hand, would handle the care of regular people. It was his job to set broken bones, lance infected wounds, treat injuries, and if he was skilled enough, saw people’s limbs off. And give them a nice pompadour while he was at it. The really freaky thing about all of this is that physicians were properly educated and accredited at a university and did practically nothing except advice, while the folks who did the hands-on stuff that could kill you if it went wrong basically learned it all on the job.

2) Corpse Whisperer

Well, 1,000 years ago, people did actually think that corpses could speak, in a sense, anyway. According to National Geographic, the practice was known as “Cruentation,” and it was basically what people did because they didn’t know about DNA and they were otherwise pretty hopeless at things like gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses and caring whether or not they found the actual perpetrator or not. It was more important to execute someone than it was to make sure you were executing the right person.

In those days, people believed that dead people were actually only “mostly dead,” which means that Miracle Max wasn’t really a radical thinker. Early crime investigators thought that if you put a corpse into the presence of its killer, the body would start to bleed. Now, this makes for really dramatic forensics, but the problem was that corpses don’t really bleed much after death, so this technique probably didn’t lead to a guilty verdict very often. But never mind, there was always a lake they could throw the accused into instead since buoyant people are clearly more guilty than the ones who sink.

3) Poop On The Water

According to Slate, there’s not actually much evidence that people did this as it’s not like simply being alive 1,000 years ago made you incapable of understanding that poop is gross and no one wants to step in it, especially if it belongs to someone else. But that doesn’t mean that people who lived 1,000 years ago knew much about the potential of poop to transmit awful diseases, especially if it gets into a major water source, as the Thames for example.

City dwellers who lived in Europe 1,000 years ago did have to get rid of their poop, and like many modern humans, they ascribed to the dubious policy “out of sight, out of mind,” which means they were totally cool with just dumping all of their waste into a nearby river, where it would be washed downstream and become someone else’s problem, at least in theory. Of course, since everyone was doing it, it eventually became everyone’s problem, but it still took a rather disgustingly long time for people to realize that maybe the Thames wasn’t the best place to dump raw sewage.

4) Party At The Graveyard

Actually, kinkiness is as old as time, and for as long as there have been eels to pay the tab there have been ladies of the evening willing to indulge customers’ weird fantasies. And one of those weird fantasies was common enough that it persisted for centuries. According to Ancient Origins, sex workers who hung around in cemeteries usually did a pretty brisk business. Well, in the Middle Ages cemeteries were kind of like party central and townspeople would set up graveyard markets and if you wanted to drink and gamble, you could settle down on your loved one’s grave for a beer and a game of dice and no one would think that was weird at all.

But even before that, from the Roman times onward, prostitutes found they could do dual business in cemeteries: mourners-for-hire by day, and other stuff at night. Their customers were grave-diggers, widowers, and people who had, um, weird graveyard fetishes. And this wasn’t just a passing fad, either, this quirk continued to be a thing for centuries, reaching its peak in 14th century England when the Black Death was killing a lot of people and totally messing with everyone’s boundaries.

5) Institutional Human Sacrifice

1,000 years ago, people in cultures all over the world were still practicing human sacrifice, notably some South American people like the Toltecs, and also the Vikings. According to the Museum of Denmark, the Viking blot sacrifices were a pretty regular thing right up until Christianity started to get a foothold around 1000 AD. Vikings would sacrifice people in exchange for stuff, so if you would have a blot sacrifice if you needed good weather for your crops, or if you wanted to do well in a raid, or if your History Channel series was suffering from declining ratings.

India had its own human sacrifice practice, which was popular from about 550 CE through the 18th century. Called “sati,” it was the expectation that if a widowed woman did not have any surviving children, she should just throw herself onto her husband’s funeral pyre and burn to death, you know, so as not to become a burden to anyone. In the early years of this horrific practice, sati was something a woman did willingly, but at its peak it was a requirement.

Sources: YouTube Grunge.

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Shop Review: Famous For Its Crispy Fried Chicken, The ‘Loh Burger Putrajaya’



There are actually getting more and more creative and also delicious recipes that have been created here in our beloved country, Malaysia, and Putrajaya will also definitely not going to miss the trend. Recently, a particular shop in Putrajaya called ‘Loh Burger Putrajaya’ has really caught my attention and also my preferable taste palate.

‘Loh Burger Putrajaya’ has open their own shop in Presint 9, Putrajaya and it looks really amazing and eye-catchy. This is because their shop is painted orange in color and also has a lot of fascinating painting of burgers on their wall. Even the shop itself could have attracted so many customers. The other major thing that got me attracted to the shop would be their own crispy fried chicken that is incorporated in many dishes that their shop is selling.

According to the Facebook post that stated, “Alhamdulillah. With the blessings, prayers, and support from family, friends, and customers who have been like family to us all this time, Loh Burger Putrajaya has now moved a little forward in the business. With the effort and support from all, Loh Burger Putrajaya has operated in a new place, namely in Putra Harmoni Precinct 9, Putrajaya. Customers can walk in or even order online like always. Thank you once again for the support”.

I have tasted two recipes from this shop and there are Nasi Lemak Pandan Ayam Crispy and Burger Ayam Crispy.

Picture: Facebook Loh Burger Putrajaya

Their Nasi Lemak really attracts me to buy it. The first reason is that it is green in color. For someone who loves the green color, I would definitely want to try it. The taste of the Nasi Lemak is so amazing because it is one of a kind. The taste blends really well with the sambal and I love every bite of it. The second reason is none other than because of the crispy fried chicken. You can rarely see Nasi Lemak that comes with boneless crispy fried chicken. Their innovation of using crispy fried chicken rather than another type of fried chicken really makes theirs in the next level.

Picture: Facebook Loh Burger Putrajaya

The second thing that I really obsessed with this shop would be their Burger Ayam Cripsy. First of all, their burger is huge and you can definitely feel full just by eating this. If you have not eaten anything throughout the day, this shop’s very owns Burger Ayam Crispy could help you with that. Every time I buy their burger, it would always come hot because the crispy fried chicken is fried when you order it. That is why you can really enjoy the crunchiness of the crispy fried chicken in the burger when you bought it. Other than the crispy fried chicken, the sauce that they are using also tastes really delicious. It just completed the taste of the Burger Ayam Crispy with vegetables and chicken.

Sources: Facebook Loh Burger Putrajaya.

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Shop Review: Get The Right Skincare Products With ‘The Soaphaus’!



It’s difficult to love your skin when it’s constantly acting up. Skin problems, whether they’re dry, itchy areas or infrequent pimples, aren’t simply inconvenient to deal with; they may also make you feel self-conscious. I know being the way you are is just right, but sometimes taking care of ourselves is important too. That’s where skincare comes to play. And it’s not just for women, even men needs one too!

There are just tonnes of skincare products. Finding the best skin care products is difficult, as anybody who has ever browsed the aisles of a beauty store or even a drugstore will attest. And choosing is the toughest process ever. We all want products that are natural and safe but the truth is, lots of beauty products contain harmful chemicals that will give instant results but might leave a long-lasting effect later on. Not only that, most products are way too expensive.

If you’re a newbie to skincare or someone who’s confused about what products to use and want something that is safe yet affordable, you are on the right page.

Picture: The Soaphaus

Welcome to The Soaphaus. The Soaphaus founders were always intrigued about how a product was manufactured and what ingredients were used in it! They were ready to design items that are suitable for Asian skin after conducting extensive study and reading.

One of the many reasons they established this skincare company is that they wanted to produce products that do not bleach or whiten the skin. It is so often people have this stereotype that fair is beautiful but here at The Soaphaus, they believe that every skin tone is beautiful as it is.

Another reason that drives this company is the pricing factor. The creators think that everyone should be able to afford a good skincare routine. They have clients ranging in age from teenagers to the elderly who purchase skincare to ensure that their skin improves with each use! Some of our items are also suitable for children.

It is safe to say that almost all their products are vegan– by almost meaning only the Goat Milk Soap and Honey and Oat Scrub aren’t. Also, they never test their products on animal. So yay to free animal cruelty!

The Soaphaus offers are a wide range of products from cleansers to body care that is sure to bring the best version of yourself. They also have certain products that treat oily skin and acne skin. Here are some of them.


The Soaphaus has four types of bar cleansers:

  1. Natural Turmeric Soap
  2. Goats Milk and Orange Soap
  3. Natural Clay Soap
  4. Natural Rosemary Charcoal Soap

My favourite one would be the Goats Milk and Orange Soap. Suitable for damaged and dry skin, goats milk and orange soap is prepared from pure goats milk and orange oils. It aids in moisturizing and soothing damaged parts of the skin. It contains vitamin E oils, which assist to reduce wrinkles and slow down the ageing process. Our soap contains vitamins D, C, B1, B6, B12, and E, which are absorbed straight into the skin. This medication also aids in the treatment of eczema and the evening of skin tone. A soap that not only removes grime but also replenishes the skin’s hydration!


Picture: The Soaphaus

Toner helps to close pores and tighten the cell gaps after cleansing. So far, the Orange Antioxidant Face Toner is one of the best I’ve used so far. This great face toner has radiance-boosting elements as well as a variety of other nutrients that your skin requires to look vibrant. When you first start using it, you will notice a change in how smooth and hydrated your skin feels, as well as how radiant it seems. It also contains orange oil, which has antimicrobial effects. Witch hazel extract can help treat scars and prevent acne, and rosehip oil can aid with scarring and repairing dry skin. For a cooling effect, you can leave it refrigerated before using it.


Picture: The Soaphaus

Moisturizing your face is important because it keeps your skin moist. The Soaphaus offers two types of moisturizer which are Lily Noir and Bergamot. Bergamot is a mild moisturiser, which contains aloe vera extracts and Bergamot oil, which can do wonders for your skin. If you’ve always coveted glowing skin, this face serum is the way to go. It will not only clear up your acne, but it will also give your skin a healthy glow by absorbing into your skin faster than most face serums. If you like natural skincare, you may already be aware that this serum may help you get rid of acne, acne spots, and other scars while also hydrating your skin and giving it a healthy glow. So, stop worrying about your oily skin and acne problems and start using Bergamot Face Serum to have a clear, healthy complexion.

Facial Oils

Picture: The Soaphaus

Not one, not two but six different types of oils. Each has its own benefits and makes your skincare a little extra. Here’s what The Soaphaus offer:

– Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil

– Cold- Pressed Watermelon Seed Oil

– Fractionated Coconut Oil

– Japanese Camellia Oil

– Soaphaus Luxury Facial Oil

– Golden Castor Oil

The trending oils would be Watermelon Seed Oil, Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil and Golden Castor Oil

Facial Mask and Exfoliators

Picture: The Soaphaus

Cleansing, toner and moisturizing your skin is not the only way to care for your skin. By using face masks and exfoliants, you remove the dirt or dead skin from your face. The Soaphaus has five types of face masks but my favourite one would be the Turmerice Face Mask. Turmeric is well known for its medicinal values for ages. This turmeric mask helps to clear clogged pores, excess sebum, and uneven skin texture. It also aids in the reduction of drabness. It also aids healthy cell renewal in the skin. Also, the mask assists in the reduction of discolouration, pigmentation, and sun damage. The impacts of environmental factors, pollution, and UV stress are also reduced with this mask. Turmeric can also be used instead of acid-based Glycols or AHA.

Picture: The Soaphaus

For exfoliating the skin, the best choice would be Honey and Milky Oat Scrub. This nourishing oat scrub is like a nutritious food for your skin. While enjoying the soothing benefits of real honey, colloidal oats, and shea butter, polish away dead skin cells, makeup, and extra pollutants. With shea butter, colloidal oats, and natural honey, this scrub can help you nourish your skin. This scrub incorporates oats in addition to honey as its major ingredient. Oats are high in saponins, which have anti-ageing qualities and can assist with acne, pimples, and other skin problems. Because oats are soft on the skin, they won’t irritate or cause skin hypersensitivity when you use this scrub.

See, turns out choosing the right skin product is not so hard and expensive after all! If you would like to know in detail which product suits you the best, you can get a free skincare consultation from them. To purchase their products, you can buy them from Instagram, their website or Whatsapp. Also, you can save more time because they ship the products directly to the convenience of your home!

Sources: The SoaphausInstagram

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(Video) Fascinating! These Are Places With Unique Name In Malaysia!



Malaysia is actually such an interesting country to live in because it is definitely full of places with a unique name. These places with unique names may sound weird but it is what it is because the names have stuck with the places for a very long time already. Things that make it more amazing would be that every state in Malaysia would always have them.

The places with unique names have been compiled in a video that went viral on the TikTok app. The video has been posted by a particular TikToker that goes by the name AmirulAirbus330 recently. There are examples of places with unique names from each state in Malaysia. Hearing the names might be funny but they are such an icon for the state.

@amirulruslan82Jika Ada Nama Tempat Yang Lagi Unik Sila Komen✌️#tiktokmalaysia #fypmalaysia #tiktokfyp #fupage #foryoupage #fyp #fypviral #tiktokviral

♬ Danza Kuduro – Julio Martinez

1) Perlis

  • Padang Melangit (Beseri)

2) Kedah

  • Kota Sarang Semut
  • Permatang Kerat Telunjuk (Bandar Baharu)

3) Pulau Pinang

  • Kampung Seronok (Bayan Lepas)
  • Permatang Tiga Ringgit (Kepala Batas)

4) Perak

  • Mambang Diawan (Kampar)
  • Kampung Batak Rabit (Teluk Intan)
  • Kampung Belum Baru (Gerik)

5) Selangor

  • Batang Berjuntai

6) Negeri Sembilan

  • Kampung Bongek (Rembau)
  • Batang Benar (Seremban)

7) Melaka

  • Kampung Ketek
  • Batang Melaka

8) Johor

  • Seri Bunian (Pontian)
  • Kampung Parit Jerman (Pontian)
  • Desa Temu Jodoh (Segamat)

9) Pahang

  • Kampung New Zealand (Samaran)
  • Kampung Dada Kering (Kuala Lipis)

10) Terengganu

  • Kampung Mangkuk (Setiu)
  • Kampung Anak Ikan (Jerteh)
  • Kampung Imam Lapar (Kuala Berang)

11) Kelantan

  • Kedai Lalat (Kota Bharu)
  • Kampung Pangkal Meleret (Machang)

12) Sarawak

  • Bau (Kuching)
  • Batang Sadong
  • Batang Ai (Lubok Antu)

13) Sabah

  • Menggatal (Kota Kinabalu)
  • Manumbok (Kuala Penyu)
  • Kampung Baru Jumpa (Tenom)

Sources: TikTok AmirulAirbus330.

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