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YouTube Review: Unbelievable! Creepy Things That Considered Normal 1,000 Years Ago!



Modern people aren’t exactly without our flaws, but for the most part, we’re less willfully creepy than our forbearers. New political ideas and new technologies were transforming the way people lived but casting an ominous tinge over their lives. More than any before it, the 20th century was defined by scientific advancement. Unfortunately, as much as science is a process of often expensive and lethal trial and error, so, too, was much of the 20th century.

A thousand years ago, there were a lot of super creepy things that people did that were considered just another day at the rodent-infested hovel, or the castle, or whatever drafty and unpleasant structure it was you found yourself living and or working in. This was partly due to people’s not very sophisticated understanding of everything and partly due to people just making stuff up because it was the only way they felt like they could control their not-very-controllable existence on planet Earth. Here are the 5 creepiest things people thought were totally normal 1,000 years ago.

1) Shave And A Heart Transplant

If you needed surgery you didn’t go to a physician, you went to a barber. Evidently, people thought that a person who was skilled at cutting hair would also be skilled at cutting human flesh. According to Ancient Origins, physicians were exclusively reserved for the upper-class, which let’s be honest is sort of the way things are headed in the United States these days, but anyway. A proper physician was way, way too educated to touch blood or God forbid the broken limbs of a dirty peasant.

The barber/surgeon, on the other hand, would handle the care of regular people. It was his job to set broken bones, lance infected wounds, treat injuries, and if he was skilled enough, saw people’s limbs off. And give them a nice pompadour while he was at it. The really freaky thing about all of this is that physicians were properly educated and accredited at a university and did practically nothing except advice, while the folks who did the hands-on stuff that could kill you if it went wrong basically learned it all on the job.

2) Corpse Whisperer

Well, 1,000 years ago, people did actually think that corpses could speak, in a sense, anyway. According to National Geographic, the practice was known as “Cruentation,” and it was basically what people did because they didn’t know about DNA and they were otherwise pretty hopeless at things like gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses and caring whether or not they found the actual perpetrator or not. It was more important to execute someone than it was to make sure you were executing the right person.

In those days, people believed that dead people were actually only “mostly dead,” which means that Miracle Max wasn’t really a radical thinker. Early crime investigators thought that if you put a corpse into the presence of its killer, the body would start to bleed. Now, this makes for really dramatic forensics, but the problem was that corpses don’t really bleed much after death, so this technique probably didn’t lead to a guilty verdict very often. But never mind, there was always a lake they could throw the accused into instead since buoyant people are clearly more guilty than the ones who sink.

3) Poop On The Water

According to Slate, there’s not actually much evidence that people did this as it’s not like simply being alive 1,000 years ago made you incapable of understanding that poop is gross and no one wants to step in it, especially if it belongs to someone else. But that doesn’t mean that people who lived 1,000 years ago knew much about the potential of poop to transmit awful diseases, especially if it gets into a major water source, as the Thames for example.

City dwellers who lived in Europe 1,000 years ago did have to get rid of their poop, and like many modern humans, they ascribed to the dubious policy “out of sight, out of mind,” which means they were totally cool with just dumping all of their waste into a nearby river, where it would be washed downstream and become someone else’s problem, at least in theory. Of course, since everyone was doing it, it eventually became everyone’s problem, but it still took a rather disgustingly long time for people to realize that maybe the Thames wasn’t the best place to dump raw sewage.

4) Party At The Graveyard

Actually, kinkiness is as old as time, and for as long as there have been eels to pay the tab there have been ladies of the evening willing to indulge customers’ weird fantasies. And one of those weird fantasies was common enough that it persisted for centuries. According to Ancient Origins, sex workers who hung around in cemeteries usually did a pretty brisk business. Well, in the Middle Ages cemeteries were kind of like party central and townspeople would set up graveyard markets and if you wanted to drink and gamble, you could settle down on your loved one’s grave for a beer and a game of dice and no one would think that was weird at all.

But even before that, from the Roman times onward, prostitutes found they could do dual business in cemeteries: mourners-for-hire by day, and other stuff at night. Their customers were grave-diggers, widowers, and people who had, um, weird graveyard fetishes. And this wasn’t just a passing fad, either, this quirk continued to be a thing for centuries, reaching its peak in 14th century England when the Black Death was killing a lot of people and totally messing with everyone’s boundaries.

5) Institutional Human Sacrifice

1,000 years ago, people in cultures all over the world were still practicing human sacrifice, notably some South American people like the Toltecs, and also the Vikings. According to the Museum of Denmark, the Viking blot sacrifices were a pretty regular thing right up until Christianity started to get a foothold around 1000 AD. Vikings would sacrifice people in exchange for stuff, so if you would have a blot sacrifice if you needed good weather for your crops, or if you wanted to do well in a raid, or if your History Channel series was suffering from declining ratings.

India had its own human sacrifice practice, which was popular from about 550 CE through the 18th century. Called “sati,” it was the expectation that if a widowed woman did not have any surviving children, she should just throw herself onto her husband’s funeral pyre and burn to death, you know, so as not to become a burden to anyone. In the early years of this horrific practice, sati was something a woman did willingly, but at its peak it was a requirement.

Sources: YouTube Grunge.

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YouTube Review: This Pilot Tells What Really Happened After Surviving Bermuda Triangle



Bermuda Triangle has always been one of the world’s greatest mysteries. It is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico where more than dozen of ships and airplanes have been reported to disappear when passing through. Unsettling situations surround some of these accidents including the “Flight 19” case. A group of five U.S. Navy bombers disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945.

Posted by Ridddle on YouTube, the video shares about a pilot that ‘survived’ the Bermuda Triangle:

Beechcraft Bonanza, a single-engine aircraft had three passengers. The pilot, Bruce Gernon was on board with his business partner and his father. The flight was scheduled to fly from the Andros island to Miami beach on December 4, 1970, where the journey usually took one and a half hours. But on that day, they made it to Miami within 14 minutes.

The flight took off and was gaining altitude. As the aircraft reached 11,000 feet, Bruce saw a massive dark cloud ahead of them. It wasn’t the first time as he already managed to cut through some of it but it seems like the cloud was growing every minute. He had no choice but to move through the cloud, once again.

As the aircraft entered the gigantic dark cloud, everything went black. No single ray of sun was passing through. Bruce was confused with his situation as the weather was pretty normal without any sign of rain or thunderstorm so he was wondering where could the dark cloud come from. As he braces himself through the cloud, he witnessed a blaze of light that could be anything but a flash of lightning. Bruce kept on flying but the cloud never seemed to end until he saw a small light where he immediately flies his aircraft towards the end.

To his surprise, the exit hole felt like it was shrinking and his navigation instruments began to malfunction. Eventually, he managed to get out of the dark cloud. As everything went to its normal state, Bruce contacted the ground control to determine their location but it was impossible because his flight was not showing on the radar. Not long after, the dispatcher announced that the flight has reached Miami and they had a clean landing. The flight had a speed of 180 km per hour and it is impossible for them to make a trip in just 45 minutes.

It remained a mystery until today even after Bruce consulted the aeronautical engineers and professors to provide him an answer to his ‘teleportation’ puzzle. Today, Bruce has written his own documentation book titled ‘Beyond the Bermuda Triangle‘.

Sources: YouTube Ridddle, History

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YouTube Review: Be Excited Arianators! ‘The Voice’ Promo Is Out And Ariana Grande Is The New Coach



Ariana Grande is actually an American singer and also actress. She has received numerous accolades throughout her career including two Grammy Awards, one Brit Award, two Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards, nine MTV Video Music Awards and 26 Guinness World Records. She is a successful icon known all over the world.

Recently, she has been selected to be the next brand new coach for the new season of ‘The Voice’. According to the website, ‘The Voice’ is an American singing competition television series broadcast on NBC. It premiered during the spring television cycle on April 26, 2011. It has aired twenty seasons and aims to find unsigned singing talent, solo or duets, professional and amateur contested by aspiring singers, age 13 or over that are drawn from public auditions.

Ariana Grande has brought out the lions, eagles, and also bears in a new promo for Season 21 of the reality singing competition. NBC has released the trailer for the upcoming season featuring Ariana Grande who is the latest addition to the series’ panel of celebrity coaches. The Grammy-winning singer joins coaches such as Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and also John Legend.

In the month of March, it was announced that Ariana Grande would join Season 21 of ‘The Voice’ replacing singer Nick Jonas. She made a guest appearance on the show in the year of 2016, where she performed her hit song that is ‘Into You’. This is just one of Ariana Grande’s recent projects, including a string of live performances from her latest chart-topping album that would be the ‘Positions’ album.

In the promo, Ariana Grande swoops in wearing a gorgeous silver dress on a giant floating crescent moon to join her fellow judges around a campfire. The newbie then got encouraged to sing a song around the campfire, serenades the entire forest of furry critters with the Olivia Newton-John hit ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’, from the film ‘Grease’, which also starred John Travolta.

Sources: YouTube Cometa Exótico.

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(Video) ‘BtoB’ Fans! Here Are 7 Best Songs That May Be Your Favorite!



BtoB, the acronym for Born to Beat is a South Korean boy band debuted in 2012 by Cube Entertainment. The member of the band are Seo Eun-kwang, Lee Min-hyuk, Lee Chang-sub, Im Hyun-sik, Peniel Shin and Yook Sung-jae. Initially, there were 7 of them but one member, Jung Il-hoon departed from the group in December last year.

Ever since their debut, fans have been blessed with perfect pitched voices, smooth rap lines, and emotional songs. Their appearance on Kingdom: Legendary War has brought them to international attention where people finally appreciate not only their good looks but killer vocals. If you’re new to BTOB’s fandom called ‘Melody’, here are some hidden gems that you can add to your playlist.

1) “My Girl” – Press Play (2012)

While songs like “WOW” and “Press Play” from one of BtoB’s earlier albums, “Press Play” are famous, the song “My Girl” is not getting the recognition it deserves. This song is catchy and you’ll immediately feel the warmness of the melody in this specific song if you’re familiar with BtoB songs. Perfect for spring or summer vibe, this song will make you feel all good inside.

2) “Ello Ello” – Beep Beep (2014)


The backstory of this song is about confessing our feelings to the person we like. It’s cute, happy, and so hopeful. The beat is catchy, it will lift your spirits and get you up dancing afterward.

3) “Hope You’re Doing Fine” – Move (2014)

This is the perfect song to blast on when you’re wallowing over a breakup. It starts with Changsub’s smooth and soothing vocals and continued with Minhyuk’s rap line that will heal your soul. The whole song is written to those who have gone through or are going through heartbreak.

4) “Yes I Am” – New Men (2016)


This one is BtoB’s most empowering and motivating song! It will drive you to be productive and inspire you to do whatever you have on your list. The build-up that leads to the chorus is emotional and the chorus itself is amazing enough to bring you a big wave of feelings.

5) “Red Lie” – Brother Act (2017)


“Red Lie” tells the story of a lover who has lost interest in their partner. Although it suits well to be a slow song, it is actually a bit upbeat but the melody is still solemn and melancholy.

6) “My Lady” – Brother Act (2017)

The album “Brother Act” is famous for its hit song, “Missing You”, but the track right after which is “My Lady” is also a bop! The song starts with the smooth and angelic voice of Changsub, combined with Minhyuk’s rap line. The song is the perfect combination of heartfelt and heartbreak.

7) “About Time” – Feel’eM (2017)

As usual, most of BtoB’s songs are produced by the members themselves. “About Time” is not excluded. It was produced by Minhyuk and former member, Ilhoon. Everything about the song puts you right in the feels and you’ll have it on repeat! It starts with the mellow rap of Minhyuk and the song just get even better with the poetic lyrics.

Sources: Soompi, YouTube BTOB 비투비 (Official YouTube Channel) 

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