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Make Your Home Smell Amazing With These 5 Different Types of Home Fragrances



There is nothing better than walking through a door into a wonderful-smelling room. It makes everything feel fresh. It probably even puts you in a better mood. This kind of situation is really important especially after we have to stay at home a lot nowadays. Our homes now function as offices, restaurants, gyms, and all-around primary hang spots.

Because of that, the usage of home fragrances is really recommended. These different types of beautiful and also functional home fragrances will give your space an instant and effortless update. From reed diffusers to candles, room sprays, and many others. To make your life easier to choose from, these are the best 5 types of home fragrances.

1) Scented Candles

Picture: Bath And Body Works

These are widely available in the market in a variety of scents, sizes, shapes, and colors, hence their popularity. Their dancing flames offer a warm and romantic ambiance to any room. A scented candle can be placed anywhere around the home, though preferably at a safe distance from young children and pets lest they become a fire hazard.

Typically, they are recommended for spaces where you spent most of your time, such as the living area or your bedroom as you will need to put out the flame after a few hours once the top layer of wax has melted evenly. The wicks should be trimmed after use to prevent black smoke.

2) Electric Diffusers

Picture: The Independent

As its name suggests, an electric diffuser requires an electric source or battery power to operate. Water-based types typically contain a small basin where you would fill in water and a few drops of your preferred essential oils. Ultrasonic waves then aerosolize the water and oils into a fine mist that diffuses fragrance into the air while cleansing it, thus doubling as a humidifier.

There are many designs and sizes available today, so you’re bound to find one that fits your personal home aesthetic. It is also safe for use through the night, ideal for those with trouble sleeping to use with sleep-inducing aromas.

3) Reed Diffuser

Picture: Cosmopolitan

A reed diffuser is relatively convenient, long-lasting, and low-maintenance compared to others on this list. It uses porous, wooden reeds to draw essential oils or fragrances from the bottle of a bottle to the top of the reed. The scent is released into the air as the oils are absorbed into the reeds.

You need only flip the reeds upside down once a week to ensure their pores are not clogged, no lighter or electricity is needed. However, the scent is quite subtle, so it is best used to perfume smaller spaces.

4) Room Sprays

Picture: Florence James

Designed to function as a cologne or perfume, room sprays offer the fastest fragrance fix. Thus, they are your best option to mask unpleasant odors. A room spray is compounded with higher concentrations of fragrances and chemicals compared to a body perfume and hence is not recommended to be used in the same way.

Those with lofty ceilings, busy furniture, and a lot of movement in the house would benefit from room sprays, as they offer better mobility and flexible concentrations by a number of sprays.

5) Incense

Picture: Cool Thing Chicago

This may be an old-school option, but it’s still used in many modern contexts. Despite their religious connotations, some people burn incense because they find the experience of burning incense calming and to a certain extent, healing. Others simply enjoy a smoky aroma evoking the great outdoors.

Originally burnt in their raw plant or wood form, incense is more commonly available in the form of coil, cone, and sticks today. To use it, you light the tip of the stick/coil/cone that’s placed on an incense burner and let it burn for a few moments before gently extinguishing the fire.

Sources: First Classe.


Food Review: Other Than Coffee, These Are Recipes That Can Be Done With ‘Dalgona’



The name ‘Dalgona’ has recently become famous all over the world. The word is actually under which it is most popularly known, comes from Korean. It usually translates roughly to “it’s sweet” and is also the name used for a honeycomb toffee snack sold by street vendors in Korea, which the sweet foam of the drink is said to recall.

There are actually a lot more recipes that can be done by using these ‘Dalgona’ ingredients. Many people in this whole wide world would definitely think of Dalgona Coffee right away when they are talking about Dalgona. Little did many people know, many things could really taste delicious by using ‘Dalgona’, and the recipes to make them are simple.

1) Dalgona Coffee

Picture: Insanely Good Recipes

Because Dalgona Coffee is made up of equal parts water, coffee, and also sugar, Dalgona Coffee tastes like a really sweet cup of coffee. The particular whip has a very smooth texture, almost like a meringue.

2) Dalgona Candy

Picture: Food Network

Dalgona Candy is actually sugar melted and also whipped with a little bit of baking soda so it puffs up, and you can eat it by itself. It doesn’t taste like coffee at all, which makes sense because there is no coffee in it.

3) Dalgona Cake

Picture: Times Now

The cake itself is a dense, yet still fluffy texture with a buttery, vanilla flavor. The whole cake has a thick layer of cinnamon sugar filling baked in the middle, which, with the addition of flour, stays thick and doesn’t melt into the cake, which is amazing.

4) Dalgona Ice Cream

Picture: The Vegan Harvest

It is called Dalgona ice cream because that is what it is. This is one of the easiest coffee desserts to make. Coffee flavored desserts are one of many people favorite ways to indulge.

5) Dalgona Matcha

Picture: Hip Foodie Mom

Dalgona matcha tastes like matcha milk but with a thick and creamy airy texture that’s velvety and rich. It’s sweet and has a nice hit of matcha

Sources: Home Grounds, Hummingbird High.

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Food Review: Crispy And Creamy, Try These Local ‘Aiskrim Goreng’ In Ampang!



From classic vanilla to durian to sea salt, the flavours of ice creams are just endless. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Cold and creamy, it is enough to relish the heat and to satisfy our taste buds at any time. We are well versed with the cold version of ice cream but have you thought about fried ice cream?

Yes, you heard that right! Fried ice cream is a popular dessert served in Asian eateries. Despite this, some people attribute its origins to non-Asian cultures such as American, Mexican, and even Polynesian. Whoever invented it, kudos to them for making such a delicious treat. If you’ve never had fried ice cream before, it’s ice cream that’s been frozen solid under extremely cold conditions, then coated with bread crumbs, pastry, or a batter of some form, and fried briefly to cook the exterior to a golden brown. But what makes it so delicious and well-liked by the masses?

Speaking of fried ice cream, here’s one I tried after the lockdown and it brings me back to the good old times. The odd thing about this fried ice cream is the person does the business using only his car. With a mini stove and icebox to store the frozen delicacies, Mr Syafiq runs his business around the Ampang area.

There are about seven flavours sold. They are:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Durian
  • Yam
  • Strawberry
  • Corn
  • Vanilla mixed with Chocolate

It only takes about 3 minutes to fry this frozen treat and once done, it is packed in a brown paper bag for you to enjoy it. Not only that, you can even purchase the frozen version and fry them by yourself at home. It is super simple.

My favourite would be the chocolate flavour because why not! I love how this fried ice cream looks like it’s something unique. Think about it. Ice cream and heat don’t get along but this fried ice cream says otherwise.

I’ve tried ice cream with cakes but I feel they become too soggy if left for too long. This fried ice cream, however, has a thick coating that becomes golden brown, crispy and crunchy after frying. And I just love how you get the best of both worlds in one bite. You get the crispy, hot coating followed by the creamy, cold ice cream. It’s just heaven! Also, the frozen cutlets look so adorable and easy to hold.

Mr Syafiq does not only sells them in his car but he also offers fried ice cream services for events. Booking fried ice cream for your function is gonna leave your guests awed for sure. You can find Mr Syafiq and his fried ice cream near Petronas Pandan Indah or near Tesco Ampang. If you can’t find him, no problem, you can directly call or Whatsapp him directly at number 017-3218040 to find his whereabouts.

Trust me, you definitely don’t wanna miss this amazing creation!

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(Video) Japanese Troops Devoured By Crocodiles In ‘Ramree Island Massacre’



This particular incident of saltwater crocodiles devouring humans happened towards the Japanese troops occupying the Ramree Island in the Bay of Bengal during World War II in the early year of 1945. Those who had survived the battle reportedly did not fare well when they had to choose the doomed escape route across the crocodile-infested waters.

At the time, British forces needed an airbase in the area of Ramree Island in order to launch more attacks against the Japanese. However, thousands of the enemy troops held the island, causing an exhausting battle that went on for six weeks. The sides were stuck in a standoff until the British Royal Marines along with the 36th Indian Infantry Brigade outflanked a Japanese position. Maneuver split the enemy group in two and isolated about 1,000 Japanese soldiers.

The British then sent word that the smaller, isolated Japanese group should surrender. The unit was trapped and had no way to reach the safety of the larger battalion. But rather than accept surrender, the Japanese chose to make an eight-mile journey through a mangrove swamp. That is when things went from bad to worse. So horrendous. The mangrove swamp was thick with mud and it was slow-going. British troops monitored the situation from afar at the edge of the swamp. The British didn’t pursue the fleeing troops closely because the Allies knew what awaited the enemy inside this natural death trap that is saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptiles in the world. Typical male specimens reach 17 feet long and 1,000 pounds and the largest can reach 23 feet and 2,200 pounds. Swamps are their natural habitat, and also humans are definitely no match for the crocodiles’ speed, size, agility, and raw power.

The Japanese understood that saltwater crocodiles have a reputation for eating humans but they went into the mangrove swamp anyway. Soon after entering the slimy mudhole, Japanese soldiers began to succumb to diseases, dehydration, and starvation. Mosquitoes, spiders, poisonous snakes, and scorpions hid in the thick forest and picked off some troops one by one. Crocodiles appeared when the Japanese got deeper into the swamp. They are active at night.

Of the 1,000 troops who entered the swamp on Ramree Island, only a reported 480 survived. However, death toll estimates vary. What the British do know for sure is that 20 men came out of the swamp alive and were captured. These Japanese troops told their captors about the crocodiles. But exactly how many men died in the maws of the crocs remains unknown because no one knows how many troops succumbed to disease, dehydration, or starvation.

Sources: YouTube Simple History, History Of Yesterday, History Net.

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