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Shop Review: Down The Memory Lane, These 5 Shopee Shops Sell Nostalgic Phones!

The year 1999 was definitely a huge year for mobile phones. That’s the year that the first mobile phone with a mobile web browser came out. Samsung also had released a phone that doubled as an MP3 player. Benefon debuted a mobile phone with GPS. Motorola released the first phone that worked internationally because it operated on three different radio frequencies used in Europe and North America. A Japanese company called Kyocera made a camera phone.

There are indeed so many different types of mobile phones that can be found. There were flip phones and ‘candybar’ phones and later, sliding flip phones. For those who wanted to walk down memory lane and got yourself all of these nostalgic mobile phones, worry not. Because these are 5 of Shopee shops that really sell these type of phones.

1) Nokia 6085 2G

Shopee Link: Nokia 6085 2g

Price: RM100

Picture: Shopee

2) Sony Ericsson W810

Shopee Link: Sony Ericsson W810

Price: RM148.00 – RM168.00

Picture: Shopee

3) Blackberry Curve 9000

Shopee Link: Blackberry Curve 9000

Price: RM129.00

Picture: Shopee

4) Nokia 5300

Shopee Link: Nokia 5300

Price: RM95.99

Picture: Shopee

5) Nokia 3220

Shopee Link: Nokia 3220

Price: RM50.00

Picture: Shopee

Sources: Nokia 6085 2g, Sony Ericsson W810, Blackberry Curve 9000, Nokia 5300, Nokia 3220.

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