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(Video) Creative But Creepy! These Are 5 Scariest Ads Ever Made!

Fear is actually not an emotion marketers normally try to evoke, but a lot of advertising goes for the creep factor. Little did many people know, fear elements in advertisements could really haunt many people dreams and also buying behaviors. That is why more and more companies tend to be creative and produce scary advertisements.

In advertising, a fear appraisal uses consumers’ fears to motivate them to purchase a product or contribute to a cause. The consumer appraises the product in light of their fear of the consequences of not buying. Horror is entertaining and it is therapeutic. These are 5 most scariest advertisements ever made in this whole wide world.

1) Sony PlayStation 3 – Creepy Baby

2) Skittles – Floor 9.5

3) Fragile Childhood – Monsters

4) Phones 4u – Little girl

5) Snickers – Grocery Store Lady

Sources: PS3, Skittles, Monsters, Phones 4U, Snickers.

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