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(Video) Remember This! Reason On Why To Avoid Coffee Right After You Wake Up

Nowadays, many people would like to drink coffee first thing in the morning after they wake up from their own sleep. Unfortunately, that is actually not the best time to get your caffeine fix. Drinking coffee right after you wake up may interfere with your body’s function. Based on a study, it’s best to wait at least a few hours after waking up to drink coffee.

This is because in the hour after you wake up, your body’s production of cortisol is at one of its three daily peaks. We tend to think of cortisol as the “stress hormone” because it’s secreted in higher amounts when feeling strain or even tension. But, many people in the world actually need to really think of cortisol as the “alertness hormone” in the body.

@drsyidayobLepasni ubah habit minum kopi lepas bangun ye ☺️ ##drsyid ##health ##doctoronline♬ original sound – Dr Syid Ayob Al Qudri

The intake of caffeine in the morning interferes with our body’s higher levels of cortisol production at the top of the morning. Cortisol is a hormone that helps us feel alert and awake. By drinking coffee in the morning when cortisol levels are high, the morning coffee drinker is increasing their tolerance to caffeine because they are replacing the cortisol-induced energy boost with it instead of adding to it. Other than that, it could also affect the immune system.

It seems to make the most sense to take coffee breaks to supplement our natural energy boosts driven. In other words, coffee will always be there for you when cortisol is not. Preferably, 2 to 3 hours after waking up from sleep.

Sources: TikTok Dr Syid Ayob Al Qudri.

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