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(Video) So Creepy! These Are Large Scary Looking Animals That Have Extinct!

In the past, several species in this world have been driven to be extinct thanks, in large part to human interference. Sometimes that interference is direct like poaching for big game trophies or animal tusks and sometimes, it is indirect and this includes land development that disrupts habitats and entire ecosystems and the climate change.

Meanwhile, in this article, you will discover some of the extinct animals that were bigger and also scarier versions of the ones that we always know today. These are scary-looking animals that have definitely extinct from the world.

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1) Gigantopithecus

Gigantopithecus is an extinct genus of ape from the Early to Middle Pleistocene of southern China, represented by one species, Gigantopithecus blacki. Potential identifications have also been made in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The molars are the largest of any known ape and have a relatively flat surface.

2) Titanoboa

Titanoboa is an extinct genus of very large snakes that lived in what is now La Guajira in northeastern Colombia. They could grow up to 42 ft long and reach a weight of 1,135 kg. Fossils of Titanoboa have been found in the Cerrejón Formation and date to around 58 to 60 million years ago. The only known species is Titanoboa cerrejonensis, the largest snake ever discovered.

Sources: TikTok creeoyfactsandstories.

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