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Exabytes And EasyWork Launched AdaKerja.My, A Free Job Portal To Support Job Seekers And Employers

PENANG, 7 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Exabytes, Southeast Asia’s leading All-in-one Business Cloud, Digital and eCommerce solution provider, in partnership with Easywork, has launched AdaKerja.My, a free job portal that was developed with the clear intention to fulfil the searching needs of job seekers, as well as for hiring needs of employers.

As a platform that was developed by a company who runs a mobile HRM system and an experienced solution provider in the digitalisation sector, this platform was built to be as simple as possible, to support as many as needed. It doesn’t require a sign-up like most job seeking sites do. Job seekers can apply for a job on this website while keeping safe, by filling up their basic information and the platform would match the job within their vicinity based on geo location. This platform aims to alleviate stress and difficulties associated with securing employment during the current economic crisis.

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), the unemployment rate in Malaysia is reported to have increased to 4.8% in June 2021 and involves 768,700 people who are currently unemployed. The five states that recorded the highest unemployment rate in the second quarter of 2021 were Labuan with 8.8%, followed by Sabah (8.7%), Perlis (5.3%), Kelantan (4.8%) and Selangor (4.4%).

With the increasing number of people losing jobs due to the lockdown and the influx of job seekers, many would think that the job market is veritably saturated with talent. The hard truth is, most Malaysian employers still struggle to hire the right talent for the company needs.

Even in the best economies, a job search takes time and effort. Job seeking during the COVID-19 pandemic is more challenging to say the least. CEO & Founder of Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd, Chan Kee Siak said, “We want people to know that although the current situation can be deemed as one of the worst we have experienced, it is not the end. There are still many vacancies available if one gears himself up with a positive mindset to approach.”

“AdaKerja.My can help people who are unemployed to have access to more options instead of the commonly available platforms or the otherwise conventional method of the Classified section on newspapers. Many businesses continue to be in need of qualified employees, therefore those who have lost employment as a result of the pandemic may now explore the possibility of a fresh beginning with AdaKerja.My. We believe in the saying;  if you give a man a fish you can feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime ”, he added.

Chan, who is also the co-founder of EasyWork also said, “We are very pleased to see how this platform has helped those in need since the soft launch. We are now ready to open the platform to the public. We believe that this platform will help more people secure the jobs they need and hopefully will also help employers achieve a more efficient hiring process without making it unnecessarily tedious.”

AdaKerja.My is a continued effort from the previous initiative where Exabytes, through a collaboration with its sister companies Easyparcel, Pgeon Delivery, EasyStore and EasyWork has launched a digital foodbank called FoodBank.Digital in July 2021.

“During a critical moment when families go hungry, resulting in suicides, our team launched a digital foodbank campaign, FoodBank.Digital. FoodBank.Digital’s main goal is to help families get through this difficult time by giving them basic food products. We got over 53,000 applications in two weeks and have distributed all food boxes to everyone who applied,“ said Chan.

While they continue to raise more funds for the FoodBank.Digital, Exabytes together with EasyWork takes the next step ahead in developing with the clear intention to help those in need by empowering the unemployed to take advantage of this free job portal to secure the jobs they deserve.

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