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Heard About Rejected Perfumes Before? This Is What It Means!

There are actually so many different types of perfumes being sold in this whole wide world. One of the most recognized perfumes would be the ‘Original Rejected’ perfumes. The definition of this type of perfumes would be perfumed that experienced a change in recipe, printing error, damaged stock, or region-specific stock that can no longer be sold in a particular region.

Other than the definition of rejected perfumes, there are actually categories of rejected perfumes so that people would have a better understanding of it before they would purchase this kind of perfume for themselves.

Picture: Shopee

1) After Shipping Reject

After shipping rejects is one of the common rejects for all products. Most of the case, its only effect the packaging but not the bottle. Stock could have been exposed to extreme heat conditions for lengthy periods of time. Since people won’t buy any defective items at the counters as customers only demand the perfect item even with the box, this rejected item will end up at the warehouse.

2) Factory Reject

It would be impossible to produce products without rejection. Most factories achieve 99.8% yield output where 0.2% is rejected. It could be damaged packaging, incorrect/skew labeling, etc. These rejections will never be thrown away. They have their own vendor for disposal. Since there are so many manufacturers of branded perfumes, it will be enough for people like us to trade them. Factory rejects outlets are no longer strangers among us.

3) Expiries

After quite some times perfumes will expire. Let say 1 batch is valid for 8 months. If the item failed to be cleared on time, it will be returned to where it came from. The manufacturer will reduce the output base on the sale demand. The perfumes are still in good condition even after the dateline.

Sources: Divine Scent.

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