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(Video) Be Aware! These Are 3 Signs That Somebody Does Not Respect You

If someone does not respect you as a person, they usually will use words and actions that are rude and show a lack of respect. Disrespectful behavior can range from spilling your secrets or being rude to you for no reason, to invading your privacy or doing something shady behind your back.

These kind of people actually lack regard for your feelings, wishes, boundaries, trust or all of them options. Because of that, you really wanted to make sure that you cut ties with people like these. For those who do not know, these are 3 signs that somebody does not respect you.

@alex.goldieSigns Somebody Doesn’t Respect You 😳 ##AlexGoldieYouTube♬ original sound – Alex Goldie

Signs that somebody does not respect you:

1) They Cannot Take Your ‘No’ As An Answer.

These people would not take ‘no’ as an answer from you. They always think that they would eventually make you change your mind and also decision to make you agree with them.

2) Always Interrupting You.

They do not care stuffs that are matter to you. All they think about are their needs and not what other people’s needs.

3) They Point Out Your Insecurities Or Make Fun Of You In Front Of Other People.

This is clearly the obvious sign that they do not respect you as a person. They seem to like having fun with the sadness and humiliation that you have to bear because of their actions.

Sources: TikTok Alex Goldie.

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