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(Video) Delicious ‘Mee Goreng’ In Bagan Serai, Let’s Try It Guys!

More and more people in this whole wide world nowadays are trying their best to make ends meet for them and their family. This happens especially after the horrendous business closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We as Malaysians, have to help each other especially small businesses in Malaysia so that they are able to be stable again.

Just like this one particular TikToker that goes by the name ‘Ray Loh’ has asked the help of many the netizens on TikTok app to make this small business in Bagan Serai make it to the FYP of TikTok. The business is indeed about a ‘Mee Goreng’ business located specifically in Bagan Serai. The TikTok shares all about it in his TikTok video.

@raylohck_rswcHampa rasa boleh bagi FYP kat dia tak? Semoga dimurah rezeki dik @muhdikman_ . Mmg padu mee goreng yg u buat tu. #TeamRSWC

♬ original sound – RayLohCK_rswc

According to the posted video, the TikToker stated that after his own photograph session, he saw a man packing up his business station when the time is already near Maghrib. He then continues his journey to go back home right after he finished packing everything. The view that the TikToker saw made him reminds back of his mother and also a father. The TikTok decided to follow the man from behind and it reminds him of when he used to help his parents.

The next day, the TikToker decided to meet again with the young man and ordered ‘Mee Goreng’ from him as people said that he has one of the best ‘Mee Goreng’ there. The ‘Mee Goreng’ served there really looks so delicious and also tempting. After that, the TikToker wanted to take the man’s picture so that he can help to promote the business.

Sources: TikTok RayLohCK_rswc.

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