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(Video) Know This! Actors Who Played The Hero And The Villain In The Same Movie!

Many actors have performed multiple roles in films over the years, and sometimes the actors wind up playing both the hero and the villain. The performers portray dual parts for a variety of reasons, including extending their screen skills, adding comic elements, or tying something into the role they are playing.

In rare circumstances, the actor and villain may appear to be the same, necessitating the performer’s ability to portray both roles. Here are 9 tops actors who played both hero and villain roles in the same movie.

1. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool/Juggernaut)

Picture: Bollywood Hungama

After a few tries, Ryan finally found his defining superhero character in the form of Deadpool. In Deadpool 2, Ryan not only returns as the wise talking mercenary but he also played the role of the massive Juggernaut. By using motion capture technology, the Juggernaut has a huge impact. Ryan also extended his performances to the post-credits where he plays the evil X-Men Origin: Wolverine version of Deadpool and played himself.

2. Hugh Jackman (Logan/X-24)

Picture: YouTube

Hugh Jackman is best recognized for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise. Jackman returns to the role in Logan, although at a different point in the character’s life. Logan has entirely abandoned his role as a hero in the film, preferring to focus on Charles Xavier and ensuring that he does not have any more unintentionally destructive outbursts.

X-24 is a Logan clone. X-24 is significantly younger and consequently more strong than Logan because he is a recently made clone. Because of his youth and complete lack of moral compass, X-24 Logan, unfortunately, is among those who have died. Jackman also discussed how he distinguished the two personas and discussed the tiny physical variations, such as how he changed the bridge of his nose and wore lenses to portray X-24.

3. Mike Myers (Austin Powers/ Dr. Evil)

Picture: Pinterest

Austin Powers is a 1960s superspy who is cryogenically frozen and resurrected in the 1990s to fight Dr. Evil’s rebirth. Powers has a heavy British accent and comes across as a fumbling moron.

Dr. Evil is a supervillain from the 1960s who tries to cause chaos in the modern world. The only thing Powers and Dr. Evil have in common is that they’re both idiots, but they’re physically quite different. Dr. Evil wears a grey suit and has a bald head; he has a habit of making ridiculous gestures and lashing out at those around him.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch (Stephen Strange/Dormammu

Picture: Screen Rant

Stephen Strange is a surgeon who, due to an accident, loses his capacity to perform surgery and dedicates his life to regaining control of his hands. He meets a mystic known as the Ancient One throughout his travels and learns to harness magical skills from her teachings, eventually becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. For the villain, Dormammu, it was Cumberbatch’s idea to play Dormammu since he thought the character should be a dark reflection of Strange and he did the facial motion capture as well as the voice of the villain character.

5. Jack Black (RL Stein/Slappy)

Picture: Google

Fans got to watch Jack play real-life goosebumps author RL Stein in Goosebumps, but you might not have seen some of the nasty characters Jack played in the film unless you read the whole film credits.

Then there’s Slappy, the living dummy doll who serves as the film’s major antagonist. The dummy’s voice is provided by Jack. He was also a part of the Invisible Boy.

6. Eddie Murphy (Pluto Nash/Rex Crater)

Picture: Google

Eddie Murphy is known for his ability to play multiple roles in the same films.

One of the main mysteries included in one of the worst movie office disasters of all time is Murphy’s character (Pluto Nash) trying to figure out the true identity of Rex Crater in The Adventures of Pluto Nash, who turns out to be Nash’s clone and also played by Murphy in the film.

7. Christopher Reeve (Superman/Evil Superman)

Picture: YouTube

Christopher Reeve will always be remembered as one of the most famous Superman actors. The characters have a strong moral code and will go to any length to save the day. That is, until a wicked Superman I created in Superman 3 splits in half. What do we get when we put a good Clark Kent up against a bad Superman? A fight for the ages. Christopher’s scowl and accent as the villainous Superman could only have originated from the 1980s.

8. George Lopez (Mr.Electric/Mr. Electridad)

Picture: Google

One evil character in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is the evil Mr.Electric played by George. Mr.Electric is attempting to change Planet Drool into a completely evil and corrupted place. In Max’s real world, George also plays Max’s teacher, Mr. Electridad, who helps the classroom when the dream world mixes with the real world.

9. Mel Brooks (President Skroob/Yogurt)

Picture: Google

Mel Brooks is a comedic genius who not only directs and creates great parody films but also appears in them as a character. In Spaceballs, Brooks plays the evil President Skroob, who enlists the help of the Black Helmet. Emperor Palpatine from the first Star Wars trilogy is mocked by Skroob. Another character that he play was Yogurt, a wise and powerful keeper of the Schwartz. He is a parody of Yoda.

Sources: Screen RantRanker

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