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(Video) Learn Our History! These Are Some Other Malay Words Forgotten In Time!

In a previous article, I have mentioned some of the Malay words that are getting forgotten in time nowadays. For those who don’t know, you can watch the previous article here. All of those words really bring some traditional sentiment to them.

That is why it is really important for a lot more people to learn about these Malay words so that it would not be extinct from this world entirely. So sad if that ever happens.

In addition, Malay words are one of the easiest languages to know and also pronounce as they have simple phonetics. It has no tonal distinction to make the same word has different meanings depending on tone used in pronouncing. For those who might not know, these are a lot of other examples Malay words that are getting forgotten in time.

@zulkifliismail01Perbendaharaan Kata Bahagian 2. #bahasa #bahasamelayu #bahasajiwabangsa♬ original sound – zulkifliismail01

1) Sekolah Gambar : It means ‘Muzium’

2) Kebun Binatang : It means ‘Zoo’

3) Satwa : It means ‘Haiwan’

4) Buana : It means ‘Dunia’

5) Ilmu Alama : It means ‘Geografi’

6) Ilmu Hisab : It means ‘Matematik’

7) Tawarikh : It means ‘Sejarah’

8) Gapura : It means ‘Pintu Gerbang’

9) Samudera : It means ‘Lautan’

10) Bianglala : It means ‘Pelangi’

@zulkifliismail01Bahagian Ke-3 (Part 3) #bahasa #bahasamelayu #bahasajiwabangsa #cintaibahasaibumu

♬ original sound – zulkifliismail01

11) Sumur : It means ‘Perigi/Telaga’

12) Suria : It means ‘Matahari’

13) Purnama : It means ‘Bulan’

14) Mega : It means ‘Awan’

15) Dian : It means ‘Lilin’

16) Soldadu : It means ‘Tentera’

17) Merinyu : It means ‘Pemeriksa/Inspektor’

18) Wangsa : It means ‘Bangsa’

19) Aksara : It means ‘Huruf’

20) Dasawarsa : It means ‘Dekad (10 Tahun)’

Sources: TikTok zulkifliismail01 Part 2, TikTok zulkifliismail01 Part 3.

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