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(Video) So Mind-Blowing! This Is What It Looks Like Inside The ‘Statue of Liberty’



The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor within New York City, in the United States. The copper statue is a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States. It was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and its metal framework was built by Gustave Eiffel.

The statue is a figure of Libertas, a robed Roman liberty goddess. She holds a torch above her head with her right hand, and in her left hand carries a tabula ansata inscribed JULY IV MDCCLXXVI which means July 4, 1776, in Roman numerals, the date of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. A broken shackle and chain lie at her feet as she walks forward, commemorating the recent national abolition of slavery. After its dedication, the statue became an icon of freedom and of the United States, seen as a symbol of welcome to immigrants arriving by sea.

The interior of the structure is a collection of wrought iron rivets, saddles, and armature bars that make the statue structurally sound, and a double helix metal staircase is centered among them. Alexander Gustave Eiffel, a structural engineer who later designed the Eiffel Tower for the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, was hired to help design the interior tower that supports the statue. The contrast between the sculpted exterior of the monument with the webs of beams and posts of the interior is striking. The climb is strenuous, up tapered stairs that are only 19 inches wide. Clearance is 6 feet 2 inches and children must be at least 4 feet tall to make the climb. An observation deck with a view of New York Harbor is accessible by climbing 192 stairs.

For the head and the crown, there are twenty-five windows in the crown that evoke shining gemstones. First-time visitors to the crown may be surprised by how small the space is — only eight to 10 people fit at a time. The view from the crown encompasses lower Manhattan, the rivers and bridges, part of Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The wait to make the 354-step, 22-story climb to the Statue of Liberty’s crown can be as long as three hours, and the statue is closed on very hot days.

The torch has been closed to the public since July 30, 1916, when German agents blew up ammunition supplies in Jersey City, NJ, in what came to be known as the Black Tom explosion. Fragments from the explosion hit the Statue of Liberty’s skirt and torch, causing $100,000 in damage. National Park Service staff use a narrow ladder to climb 40 feet into the torch to maintain the floodlights. The gilded torch was refurbished in 1986.

Sources: YouTube Jared Owen.

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(Video) Cursed Theme Park In Malaysia, The Safari Lagoon Waterpark



Safari Lagoon Waterpark was a former water park in the housing area of Pandan Perdana, in Pandan, Selangor, Malaysia. It actually was the first water park built on a rooftop in the Klang Valley and also was touted as the biggest. The park covered 120,000 square feet and was located on the seventh floor of Pandan Safari Shopping Complex.

In 1988, the Safari Lagoon was the go-to destination for family outings which is located at the Pandan Perdana, right about the border of Cheras and Ampang. This Safari Lagoon has been a unique sight for many due to its greeneries and a tall giraffe statue that is sticking out on the roof of the Pandan Safari Parade building. Where you can still see this whenever you are passing through the Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2).

@irmanshahazharReply to @iamdnfz Safari Lagoon Waterpark Disumpah 😱 ##tiktokguru ##jombelajar ##learnontiktok ##tribe769 ##pengetahuanbaru ##fakta ##musteri ##education♬ Horror movie opening instrument(859680) – half-dim

In January 2007, there was an incident where an employee drowned in one of the park’s pools when he was trapped inside a high-pressure water pump while retrieving a visitor’s items. Following that, it was revealed that the theme park had been operating for the last nine years without a license from the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

The park was closed shortly after, a part of it was later reused as a restaurant but largely deserted by the year 2014. Nevertheless, the shopping complex beneath it continued to operate until the year of 2015.

Sources: TikTok AbgIrman.

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(Video) Tiny But Deadly? These Are World’s Most Deadliest Insects!



Insects are suckers. They also sting and bite. Some inject venom that can kill or cause a life-threatening allergic reaction. Others, such as mosquitoes, transfer parasites that kill hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Speaking of insects, have you ever heard the phrase, “It was so enormous, it almost killed me!”? Though there are some enormous bugs in nature, size can be deceiving. Large bugs have a menacing appearance, as if they’re from another world, instilling terror and worry in their victims. The deadly insects, on the other hand, aren’t always the biggest or scariest-looking. Despite their size and look, many insects in our world deserve to be dreaded and avoided if at all possible!

Here’s a list of the deadliest insects in the world and they don’t have to be huge to prove that!

1. Puss Caterpillar

Picture: Insects in the city

They seem cute and helpless but don’t be fooled. No matter how cute and fuzzy this critter looks, just never touch it. The insect’s fluffy exterior conceals poisonous spines. The poison of the caterpillars gets more lethal as they increase in size before turning into equally fluffy southern flannel moths. And just by touching them, the pain you feel is similar to a broken bone. Not just that, the pain is followed by burning, swelling, blisters in the affected area, vomiting, and wheezing. In case you accidentally touched one, experts recommend that you use tape to remove those spines before things get worse.

2. Cow Killer

Picture: The Virginian Pilot

Only 2cm long, this tiny fella is poisonous enough to kill four rats. A single sting might not be that dangerous but if it occurs multiple times, you’ll end up dead in just two hours. Cow killers can be found in tropical areas or desserts of the Eastern United States. Another name for the cow killer is ‘Red Velvet Ant’, which goes well with its reddish-like body.

3. Asian Giant Hornet 

Picture: Vox

Although Asian giant hornets are not usually aggressive toward humans, they will sting those who try to handle them. They’ll sting to defend their nest or a beehive they’re attempting to attack. Mass hornet assaults are extremely rare, but they can happen, and they can paralyze or even kill victims in extreme situations. The size of this guy means three things: its stinger is longer than that of a typical wasp, a single sting can deliver a larger dose of venom and the sting is more dangerous than that of local bees and wasps, which can damage tissue and cause substantial pain. Experts said that their sting feels like you’ve been stabbed with something hot and it lasts for a few days.

4. European Dark Bee

Picture: Alchetron

The European Dark Bee are aggressive and very hard to handle species. It got its name from its dark-colored body. A sting from this guy can cause nausea, cramps, and hypotension. There are instances where one sting from the European Dark Bee can cause fatal anaphylactic shock.

5. Monarch Butterfly


How could they possibly be dangerous right! Well known for its orange and black color, the Monarch Butterfly can be found in North America but moves to Central American during fall. According to experts, these beautiful creatures can kill humans! The hint is if you see them flying, best keep your mouth close because if you eat them, you might have a heart attack. The toxins interrupts heart contraction and affects the nervous system. The odd thing is that they don’t own the venom but they get it from their favorite dish which is the Milkweed.

6. Philippine Hornet

Picture: iNaturalist UK

A cousin of the Asian Giant Hornet, these guys obviously live in Philippines. If you get stung by the Philippine Hornet, you’ll start convulsing, peeing blood, and turning blue.

7. Spanish Fly

Picture: Wired

The Spanish fly is a common name for an insect with sexually stimulating capabilities, which is most likely due to a poisonous component called cantharidin that it contains. When swallowed, cantharidin is extremely toxic and can result in serious injury or death. If four Spanish flies can kill a horse, imagine what it’ll do to us, humans!

8. Red Imported Fire Ant

Picture: UCR

Although the symptoms include nausea, dizziness, fever, low blood pressure, and hallucinations, some people who are stung get an anaphylactic shock, which can result in death. Native to South America, they can also be found in Southern United States, Taiwan, Philippines, China, and Australia.

9. Maricopa harvester ant

Picture: BugGuide.Net

Red harvester ants are known to be hostile. They sting with a severe sting. Harvester ant stings can induce allergic reactions in certain people, especially those who are hypersensitive to their venom. Harvester ants bite fiercely in addition to their potent stings. Being stung by these ants will get your body impregnated with pheromones which will attract more ants. And if you’re allergic to its venom, it’s RIP for you! If you’re not allergic, that doesn’t help much either because the toxin will affect your nervous circulatory, and digestive systems which causes bleeding and awful pain.

Sources: Trend Max, Insider, Texas Insects, WSDAGetromanOrkin

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Look Normal But They Are Actually Not, These Are 5 Scariest School In Malaysia



Ghost stories here in Malaysia are definitely something that is not rare or even uncommonly happened. Growing up in this particular country, ghost stories are often be told especially if they are ghost occurrences that happened in schools. That is why Malaysia would be categorized as one of the famous countries that have a lot of scary schools.

Almost every school in Malaysia has its own legacy of horror and scary stories. People have heard of various quirky and even comical tales, from the aunty who sells nasi lemak from door to door at 3 am in the dorm to the classic headless spirit who goes wandering around the school. All the scary stories really stick in the mind of the students.

1) Victoria Institution

Picture: YouTube

The Victoria Institution was taken over during the Japanese Occupation and was used as a Japanese military base where there was much torture resulting in the deaths of many locals. Many British soldiers and locals were brutally tortured to death in the basement and some older buildings on the campus. Appearances of spirits are not only at night but many are also possessed during the day. One of the cases was a band member who was rehearsing until late one night ‘disappeared’ and was only later found on a water tank. He claimed he saw a woman who was alone, and politely, he asked where the woman was going and he did not remember anything after that.

2) Penang Free School

Picture: Facebook

Built-in the year 1816, Penang Free School is located in Green Lane, George Town, Penang is the oldest school using the English medium in Southeast Asia. This means that this school has existed in Malaysia for more than 200 years and there is definitely a lot of history in this school. Stories like flashing lights and strange sounds at night are common. Some even claim to have heard the screams of a woman late in the middle of the night, associated with the spirits of prisoners tortured during the Japanese occupation

3) Danau Perdana School

Picture: YouTube

Apparently, it already looks creepy. The school has been vacated since 2005 due to unsafe ground conditions to occupy as traces of cracks began to appear in the walls while it was still operating. One of the famous stories is that this school is inhabited by vampires, the spirit of a woman who died while pregnant. Some say the vampire was one of the school cleaners who had died.

4) Saint Michael Institution

Picture: Ipoh Heritage Trail

Saint Michael’s Institution is a boys ’school located in Ipoh, Kinta, Perak. According to history, in 1912 a group of Catholic missionaries arrived here and began building a school next to the famous Kinta River. The school is reportedly very harsh as it was once used as the headquarters of the Japanese secret police during World War II. When it comes to the Japanese colonialists, there is no denying that there was a lot of torture and death going on.

5) Serian School

Picture: Facebook

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Serian or SMK Serian, once experienced an emergency incident that occurred in 2008. In the incident, 12 school students were hysterically attacked in which the students were seen screaming out of control and behaving strangely. The mass hysterical attack caused so much disruption that the class had to be suspended by the authorities. The school believes the incident stemmed from the presence of the paranormal.

Sources: Victoria Institution, Penang Free School, Danau Perdana School, Saint Michael Institution, Serian School, Afterschool.

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