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(Video) What’s His Secret? Shaheizy Sam’s Diet Plan For 10 Months Transformation!



Shaheizy Sam bin Abdul Samad is a Malaysian actor, singer, rapper, and producer who rose to prominence in the 1990s as a young star before starring in the films Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam in 2009 and Adnan Sempit in 2010.

If you see closely, this actor has a bulky body which he only achieved in 10 months while he was filming for the movie Police Evo 2! Is that even possible? No supplement or medication was taken but it was all Sam’s determination which began in 2016 by following a strict diet and exercise routine.

So, if you want to get this kind of body, check out 10 of Shaheizy Sam’s diet plan

@syimaaffandiReply to @mattdenz_ #shouldbeme diet Shaheizy sam #shaheizysam #learnontiktok #jombelajar #tiktokguru

♬ original sound – Syima Affandi

1. After waking up, drink one cup of black coffee without any sugar or milk. If there’s a need for sugar, use Stevia instead.

2. Do cardio exercise for 30mins

3. Do weight lighting at 9 pm every day

4. Practice carbohydrates and protein intake for breakfast and lunch. Sourced mainly from fish or chicken.

5. Avoid greasy and sugary food

6. Take in rice but go for brown rice instead of white ones

7. Control salt intake

8. Take food with high fiber for lunch

9. Avoid eating at night

Sources: TikTok Syima Affandi


Various Supernatural Places In Indonesia, These Are 7 of Them!



Indonesia actually has abundant tales of the supernatural that will definitely give you goosebumps all over your own body. This is because it has its share of urban legends and ghost stories, as parts of the country have an abundance of haunted places, often with a good amount of spooky stories. Superstition is part of the daily chitchat of Indonesians.

From movies to supernatural game shows, ghost stories simply fascinate the people of Indonesia. That is why scary incidents and also haunted places are not something new for them. If you ever visit Indonesia in the future, you might want to avoid these 7 haunted places there. If you are eager for some paranormal sighting, you can try to go there.

1) Bintaro Railway And Manggarai Station

Picture: Dailymotion

Widely condemned as the nation’s most devastating railway accident, two trains collided head-on on Monday morning, 19th October 1987, in Bintaro, South Jakarta due to an internal miscommunication. More than 100 lives were lost, some were thrown out on impact, while others bled to death as they were crushed in between pieces of metal. It was a gruesome scene, and it took almost two days to completely evacuate the bodies. Since then, the number of accidents on the exact stretch of the railway has oddly increased, especially on Mondays. Increasingly widespread were stories of drivers who did not notice warning signs of an oncoming train in time. There was also a spike in the number of pedestrians who walked onto the railway tracks, right in front of a speeding train, and they were believed to be possessed by the Deaf Spirit or Hantu Budek.

The story doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, although the trains have stopped operating, the same can’t be said for souls attached to them. Besides the apparitions reported on this site alone, trains have also been seen to be traveling way past operational hours with no one on board. One of the most bizarre stories is that of a college student who saw what looked like victims inside the train he was on late one night. Surprisingly his legs became sore when he reached his destination. He talked about what happened with the security guard’s duty, only to find out that there was no train all along and he had run the whole way.

2) Ancol Bridge

Picture: Whats New Indonesia

The Ancol Bridge, located along Jalan R.E. Martadinata in Ancol, North Jakarta, is also known as Jembatan Goyang ‘Rocking Bridge’ because drivers who drive on it often feel a rocking sensation. The story behind Ancol Bridge involves a young woman named Maryam, who is said to have been raped and murdered by several men, and her body thrown underneath the bridge. Her ghost, known as Si Manis Jembatan Ancol ‘The Sweet Lady from Ancol Bridge’ is said to have haunted the area since. The myth gained renewed interest in the 1990s when a TV show based on the legend, also called Si Manis Jembatan Ancol, was released.

3) Mall Klender

Picture: Setiap Gedung

The sudden collapse of Indonesia’s economy in the late 90s had stirred up violence within the people, resulting in looting, mass murders and rape. On May 15, 1998, an army of looters seized the Yogyakarta Department Store. As shopkeepers and visitors scrambled for safety, a fire was deliberately started and soon engulfed the four-storey building. More than 300 people were trapped. Afraid of being harmed if they escaped the building, they remained inside to meet their fiery death.

The scars of what is now referred to as Mei Kelabu ‘Grey May’ remains in the hearts of the affected, no matter how hard they try to forget. One of the darker moments in Indonesia’s history, the incident shook the nation as well as the international community. Although the departmental store was rebuilt as the Klender Mall in the year 2000, it is still difficult for the locals to let go of the traumatic memories that linger here. Eight ghosts are said to haunt the area, including phantom bus passengers who usually hitch a ride at night, only to disappear a few hundred metres later.

4) Pondok Indah Hotel Bedugul

Picture: Hipwee

In 2016, travel blogger Jacob Laukaitis uploaded a video of himself entering a large abandoned hotel complex in Bedugul, 50 km north of Kuta in Bali. The video instantly went viral, bringing attention to the mystery of Pondok Indah Hotel Bedugul. Rumor has it that the hotel, known as the Ghost Palace Hotel by locals, was a project of former Indonesian President Suharto’s youngest son.

It’s said that it was then abandoned after the son was convicted for murder and sentenced to prison. Another rumor says that the hotel was abandoned in one night by all guests and staff due to a series of supernatural events, triggered by the ghosts of workers who had died from poor working conditions during the hotel’s development. The abandoned hotel complex is largely unguarded, which means you can freely venture into the area when you’re in an adventurous mood.

5) Octopus House

Picture: Fact Republic

The public’s question has been answered in 2013, a local news channel was set to debunk the ongoing rumors of a ‘Satanist Church’ in Bandung. The unmissable sculpture of a giant octopus sitting on the roof of the house had sparked up much curiosity online in the past. A group of journalists’ attempt to uncover its mystery found that the ‘octopus house’ is encircled by a series of houses, and the only way inside is through House Number 6. The investigation ended when a loud quarrel broke out between the journalists and the caretakers of the house.

A person claiming to be a former member of the ‘satanic church’ reported to the authorities that the house is used for cult-related sex rituals. Several investigations later, no evidence supporting the allegation was found. The owner of the house, Frans Halimawan, appeared on a news broadcast and expressed his fury with the false accusations. As an art devotee, he explained how every piece of the house symbolizes his life journey, including his struggles as well as his beliefs, and that these rumors have offended him deeply.

6) Potato House

Picture: Mooi Oude Bandoeng

The story behind the notorious Potato House in Bandung is as bizarre as the name suggests. It is called so as passers-by often report the smell of boiled potatoes coming from the house and sightings of the ghost of a boy, as well as a ‘ghost dog’, at night. As the story goes, many years ago, a boy died after accidentally jumping into a big pot of hot water when his mother was boiling potatoes. Since then, the house has reeked of boiled potatoes and been haunted by the ghost of the boy, according to witnesses. The house is currently standing unoccupied in what otherwise seems like a normal neighborhood in Bandung. As expected, it’s a popular ghost-hunting site with people from all over the country coming in the hope of smelling boiled potatoes when they are near.

7) Trunyan

Picture: Travel Triangle

Trunyan village is definitely not for the faint-hearted. On the shores of Lake Batur in the Kintamani area, the people of Trunyan neither cremate nor bury their dead. Instead, their bodies are left to rot in bamboo cages under the watchful eye of a fragrant tree that masks the smell of decay. Once the flesh has decomposed completely, the bones of the corpses are stacked neatly on the platform that leads to the Trunyan temple of death, unfortunately off-limits to the public as of now.

Sources: Coconuts Jakarta, Atlas Obscura.

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Agree Or Disagree? These Are Several Facts of K-Dramas You Should Know



K-dramas have become a worldwide sensation, and you need to be well-versed in all things K-drama if you want to be a pop culture connoisseur/productive denizen of the entertainment-loving internet. Then there’s the most crucial reason to watch K-dramas: they’re entertaining. They’re addicting and fantastic, and you’ll be glad you added them to your pop-culture diet.

Korean dramas, which are known for their intriguing plots and powerful plot twists, may quickly shift from highly sweet to incredibly devastating scenes. Variety is precisely what keeps viewers returning for more. But how or what was the reason it became so popular these days? Here are a few:

1. Easy to binge

Picture: Asia One

Unlike many American shows, Korean dramas are more episodic, with most series running between 12 and 13 episodes. This makes catching up on your favorite show a lot easier. Another distinction between these Western productions and K-Dramas is that many K-Dramas only have a couple of seasons. This allows viewers to binge-watch the show, which is a much different experience than having to watch it from beginning to end.

2. Soundtracks

Picture: Cosmopolitan

K-Pop music is even more popular than K-Dramas. These days, bubblegum-flavored ballads are all the rage among teenagers all around the world, with bands like BTS, Red Velvet, and Blackpink becoming synonymous with Korean and Western adolescent culture. To take advantage of this, many K-Dramas aimed at a younger or more general audience will include hip and happening melodies for the kids to hop to. These songs will be used in romantic and emotional sequences, as well as the closing music for each episode.

3. Cultural Immersion

Picture: Oneday Korea

Despite the fact that the Korean Wave has been going on for several years, it is still a relatively new phenomenon for some viewers, particularly in the West. Korea had previously been regarded as a cultural “other,” with its media, history, and culture is far less well-known than that of other non-Western countries.

As interest in Korean cultural exports grows, it’s only natural that many people will turn to television, the most easily consumed cultural item, to immerse themselves in the country’s culture. Many Korean dramas, particularly those available on Netflix and other similar streaming sites, are historically based, making them both informative and enjoyable.

A lot of people literally change their lifestyle after watching K dramas. Like literally, from outfit to food to culture and way of speaking, these guys are literally soaked into the idea of Korean dramas. Like everything they do has to be related to Korean stuff.

As much as it is addictive, there’s still lots of love going on about these K-dramas which can’t seem to be denied. So, there’s no wrong in enjoying it provided you know the limits to it. Other than that, have fun binge-watching the K-series!

Sources:,SBS,Marie Claire

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(Video) Scam Went Viral, Know The Truth About These Two Strange Animals!



Any fraudulent company or technique that obtains money or other items from an unsuspecting person is referred to as a scam. Online frauds have proliferated as the globe has become more linked owing to the Internet, and it’s often up to you to assist keep individuals on the Internet safe.

Today, there are thousands of different types of scams, but most of them revolve around stealing money, property, or information. It can be done via email, Whatsapp, phone chat, video, and a variety of other methods. One way you can avoid being scammed is if you find something suspicious or something you are not sure of, just don’t bother clicking the link or whatever that’s being sent.

One common form of scam these days is through videos. It’s not wrong to make videos and posts them but some people use this to scam others or simply to become popular. Here’s one example:

@iqbalahyarjangan la sebar benda tak betul semata nak viral 🥺 #TikTokGuru #JomBelajar #LearnOnTikTok

♬ original sound – Iqbal Ahyar

We’re undoubtedly used to hearing about the emergence of new species in the animal realm on a regular basis. This is most likely due to the fact that we have only identified a small portion of the thousands of species that exist. Hence, whatever we find weird, we think it’s a new discovery when actually if paid a little close attention, it might be something we’ve already known.

In this video posted on TikTok by Iqbal Ahyar, he claims that the creature is something bizarre. At the start of the video, it looks like a sea slug. There are over 2,000 species of sea slugs, which is one of the most crucial things to remember. They can be found in both shallow and deep water. Sea slugs are eaten as a delicacy in Asia.

Picture: The Sea Slug Forum

In comparison to most other mollusks, these benthic herbivorous invertebrates can become very enormous. They graze in tropical tidal and subtidal zones, primarily in the Indo-Pacific Ocean; however, they can also be found in the Atlantic Ocean, with a few species in the Mediterranean. When threatened, they frequently produce clouds of ink, which are said to blind the assailant. In self-defense, these sea slugs can create and leak harmful “substances such as ammonia,” according to new research. The Aplysia species’ capacity to hold toxins within their bodies without poisoning themselves is due to the slug’s unique toxin storage system.

After watching this video, thousands of people on the internet reacted to this strange critter, speculating on its origins and commenting on its odd appearance. However, the Sarawak Forestry Corporation, which is dedicated to the conservation of Sarawak’s biodiversity, explained that it was a flying lemur, a species that may be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Picture: Wired, ZME Science

Flying Lemurs are actually cute. However, when you see they are actually looking from below, they looked creepy, like some skinned animal. These little, fuzzy tree-dwellers aren’t actually lemurs, and they can’t fly. They can, however, glide amazing lengths between trees in the Southeast Asian jungles where they live. They are also the closest surviving cousins of primates in terms of genetics. Because flying lemurs rely on trees for food and safety, deforestation in the areas where they live poses a threat to their environment.

So don’t be fooled by everything you see online. Instead, try to do a little research before you believe something completely.

Sources: TikTok Iqbal Ahyar, Positive, Computer Hope, Alchetron, World Wildlife

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