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(Video) You Should Know About This! 5 Secrets About Coffee Shop!



A coffee shop is an establishment that primarily serves coffee of various types like espresso, latte, and cappuccino. Some coffee shops may serve cold drinks such as iced coffee, iced tea, and other non-caffeinated beverages. Coffee shops range from owner-operated small businesses to large multinational corporations. Some coffee shops chains operate on a franchise business model, with numerous branches across various countries all over the world.

Little did many people know, there are actually a lot of secrets about coffee shops that have ever existed all this while. These secrets are not meant to trick their customers or whatever but these secrets are actually what is exactly going on inside coffee shops. It would be so interesting for everyone if they know these secrets. These are 5 of them.

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1) Coffee Is Actually Not Overpriced

Coffee is actually an underpriced item in any food and beverage establishment that has ever exist in this whole wide world. This is because coffee in general would never be charged extra. If you are paying just to drink coffee, you are good with the price. With that being said, the meaning of coffee being overpriced is actually not coffee. You are paying more because of the skill, the art, and also the talent that the barista has in making the specialties coffee such as latte, macchiato, and many others.

2) Larger Cups Do Not Have More Coffee

In any coffee shop that exists worldwide, the small size of cup and also the large size of a cup each contain two shots of espresso only. The large size of a cup just has more milk or water in it. So if it is caffeine that you are after in your coffee, size actually does not matter. You just have to order an extra shot of espresso instead.

3) Some Chains Have Strong Coffee While Some Others Have Weak Coffee

Different coffee shops have different strengths of coffee. This is because the strength of coffee actually depends on what type of coffee beans they are using. For example, McDonald’s has the weakest taste of coffee beans while Dunkin Donut has such a strong coffee bean taste.

4) Barista Have To Taste Coffee Many Times A Day

If you think your barista is super nice to you because they like you, you might want to think again because the statement is actually so wrong. The truth is, baristas have to taste coffee a lot of times when they are working in the coffee shops. That means it is just the baristas are caffeinated.

5) Always Check If Barista Weighs Ground Coffee

If you have the time, always check if the barista in the coffee shops are weighing the coffee beans when they are making your coffee. If they do, and the barista also measures the seconds when they are making the espresso, the coffee that they made for you is going to taste really good.

Sources: TikTok Max Klymenko.


The Mythology of ‘Namazu’, Giant Catfish That Makes Japanese Shiver!



Traditional explanations for natural disasters exist in all cultures and predate scientific answers. When it comes to animals, strange things happen. The great majority of catfish, which live primarily in freshwater surroundings are thought to be safe. But in ancient Japanese folklore, catfish, on the other hand, was the polar opposite of harmless.

Earthquakes have been associated with Namazu, a gigantic catfish thought to live in the underground realm, in Japanese culture at least since the 15th century. Following the Great Ansei earthquake of 1855, which devastated Edo (now Tokyo) with a magnitude of 7.0 and killed over 7000 people, the theory that enormous catfish were to blame quickly gained traction.

But how can a fish causing all the commotion?

Picture: History of Geology

The Namazu was said to live in underground lairs deep beneath Japan in Japanese mythology and were kept in check by the god of thunder Kashima with a gigantic boulder known as the kaname-ishi. After Kashima had left town and left the god of fishing and commerce Ebisu in charge, the Great Ansei earthquake is reported to have struck. Unfortunately, Ebisu fell asleep on the job, allowing the catfish to freely thrash their fins on the underbelly of the landmass, resulting in devastating tremors. In the aftermath of the earthquake, catfish became generally feared creatures, yet certain socioeconomic groups, particularly working-class people, began to worship the namazu.

Picture: Wikipedia

It’s conceivable that the mythology of Namazu evolved from Japanese fishermen’s tales that catfish could anticipate earthquakes. Following the Ansei Edo earthquake of 1855 in the mid-nineteenth century, one Japanese fisherman said that he had witnessed catfish acting suspiciously just before the earthquake. Similar accounts concerning tsunamis (tidal waves) that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries have been told by Japanese fishermen. Although the mythology of Namazu had previously been around for generations, it’s probable that similar claims made by ancient fishermen influenced the creation of the legend.

Others however believed that earthquakes were once more typically connected with dragons or serpents. Because dragons are associated with water in Chinese and Japanese cultures, the transition from dragons producing earthquakes in the watery depths to catfish causing earthquakes in pre-modern Japanese popular imagination was not a huge leap. Giant catfish appear to have essentially overtaken dragons as the principal cause of earthquakes in Japan by the 19th century.

Namazu, a mixture of cosmology, politics and religion

Natural calamities were understood by many ancient cultures as the outcome of divine wrath or cosmic imbalance. An earthquake in Japan in the mid-nineteenth century was more than simply an opportunity to criticise the government for not performing its job properly. Many Japanese people likely mistook the earthquake for a sign that the government had fallen out of step with cosmic justice. The government’s moral competence to govern had deteriorated, and the cosmos was striving to remove it, restoring moral order.

Picture: Ancient Origin

Religion, cosmology, and politics are now regarded as distinct entities. They were, nonetheless, connected in the ancient world, and even in the early modern world. Political implications arose from cosmic disruptions, as well as evidence of divine wrath or providence. Namazu, a mythical giant catfish who dwelt in the depths of the ocean, became a political emblem for redressing economic and social injustice in 19th century Japan in this fashion.

Although most Japanese no longer believe in Namazu, and how many did in ancient Japan is debatable, Namazu is an example of a phenomenon that still exists today when people perceive natural calamities as a sign of divine anger or cosmic imbalance.

Sources: Ancient Origins, Sabukaru Online, History of Geology

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(Video) Why Buy If You Can Cook Them Yourself? A Whole New Level of Picnic



A picnic is indeed one of the most favorable leisure time activities that any Malaysians like to do nowadays since it has been permitted for them to do it. This is because it has been so long for them to be staying at home without any exposure to the outside world. By having a picnic activity, they could finally enjoy the fresh air breeze, and nature.

One most selected picnic spot for many people in this whole wide world would be by the ocean because it has everything interesting there. Great scenery and also have a lot of space for anyone to do anything that they like there. That is what this TikTok video that went viral is all about. Having a picnic by the ocean but one thing that stands out the most about their picnic would be their choices to prepare everything for the picnic from scratch. So creative.

@mohdhaqimi6picnic again with lauk kg, budu + ulam #foryou #viral2021 #fyp #fypシ

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Based on the video posted by a TikToker that goes by the name mohdhaqimi, the picnic session that they had is definitely on a whole new level. It can clearly be seen that why would you have to buy everything prepared for your picnic when you can have an enjoyable time cooking them dishes together with family members for your own picnic.

The dishes that they cooked for the picnic look so delicious and also mouth-watering. Even though they are just simple dishes as they are called ‘lauk kampung’, but they really bring out the appetite in everyone. It is even more surprising that they have decided to feast on the dishes just by using banana leaves as their plates. A one of a kind picnic experience to be experienced by many people. Looking at the comments section, everyone is also amazed.

Picture: TikTok mohdhaqimi

Picture: TikTok mohdhaqimi

Picture: TikTok mohdhaqimi

Sources: TikTok mohdhaqimi.

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(Video) ‘Pulau Babi’ In Johor, The Reason Behind The Name Is Not As What You Think



This ‘Pulau Babi’ is located in Johor and it is one of the most mesmerizing islands to know of. It is also known as one of the most famous beach spots located specifically here in Malaysia. As a visitor, do not miss the opportunity to go here if you come to the State of Johor. The particular name of the place might sound a bit rough and also explicit to be heard especially if you are local, but there is a legendary story that relates to how the island can get such a name.

Heads up for all of you. The name of the island that is ‘Pulau Babi’ is definitely not like what you think in your own head. To be honest, the origin story could be quite hilarious to understand. The story of the island goes like this.

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It is said that in the past, there was a couple who lived together that were fishermen living here. According to the story, the pregnant wife wanted to eat seaweed. However, after eating the seaweed, the wife turned into a mermaid. Because the husband was too angry because the appearances of the wife got changed, the husband vented his anger by cursing the island by calling it ‘Babi’ repeatedly. So, that is how the name ‘Pulau Babi’ got to stick to the island. It is from this story that the island got such a name and the name remains in use up until this modern day. So weird.

The authenticity or not of the story cannot be ascertained. However, the story is popularly told by the mouth of the residents around the area. Although the name is not pleasant to be heard, the island which is located in the district of Mersing and facing the South China Sea is very popular with tourists because of the beauty and originality of nature.

Sources: TikTok Ervi.

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