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YouTube Review: Heartbreaking Moments Actors Say Goodbye To Their Characters

We get to know some TV characters like family over the years, so it is hard to say goodbye to them when a beloved series ends. However, it is even harder for the actors themselves to say goodbye to their own characters that they play. It is basically a performance style that emphasizes drawing on one’s own personal experiences and also memories in order to connect with the character one is playing. That is why the acting can be seen to be so good.

Sometimes, a character’s departure is set in stone and also is part of a greater plan from the writers and producers, even if it does come as a shock to viewers. But often, it is because the actor behind the character decided to quit or even they got pushed. Whatever happened, character departures could be such heartbreaking moments for everyone.

1) Tony Stark

Marvel fans knew that Robert Downey Jr. couldn’t play Tony Stark forever but that didn’t stop the waterworks from coming during the final act of Avengers: End Game. Downey’s contracts became more and more expensive as the MCU moved forward and the acclaimed actor wanted to pursue other roles in his career. Downey didn’t have any regrets about departing the highly successful franchise.

2) Steve Rogers

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers is one of the most cherished characters in the MCU which led to his departure at the ending of Avengers: End Game to be heartbreaking but also emotionally satisfying. Evans had initially turned down the role multiple times before giving in to Marvel’s tactics which he is still very thankful for. Evans felt that Roger’s ending in Avengers: End Game was satisfying and said that it would be a shame to sour his ark. if he were to return.

3) Finn Hudson

After the untimely death of Cory Monteith, Ryan Murphy and the producers of the hit series Glee struggled with how they would retire his character of Finn Hudson. Instead of simply just having the character be recast, Murphy and his team decided to have the character of Finn pass on. While initially the character was planned to succumb to a drug overdose, the Glee team decided to take a more ambiguous route and not name the cause of death of Finn and instead have the season five episode ‘The Quarterback’ as a tribute to both the star and the character.

4) Michael Scott

Potentially the biggest example of a major star parting ways with their TV show was Steve Carell. When he left the hit series The Office. Carell’s Michael Scott ended up leaving the Scranton Office of Dunder Mifflin to be with his fiancé Holly as she moved back to Colorado to take care of her ailing parents. Initially, things were unclear on why Carell left the series with many believing that Carell made the decision as his contract was about to expire but the truth was that he planned on renewing his contract but the producers of the show never called him back. The character’s departure received a multi-episode arc and is highlighted as the series at some of its most emotional.

5) Wolverine

Hugh Jackman had the honor of donning the Wolverine claws for 17 years and it got to a certain point where it’s hard to see any other actor taking on that role. Jackman and director James Mangold were initially going back and forth on whether or not to kill off the iconic character at the end of Logan but ultimately came to the realization that it was only appropriate for the character to pass on.

Sources: YouTube TheThings.

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