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YouTube Review: So Shocking! 5 Unrecognizable Actors In Their Character’s Makeup

We may go to the movies to see the actors we love, but it is not uncommon for those actors themselves to really look absolutely nothing like themselves. It is practically a rite of passage for a particular star to take on a character who looks nothing like them, they have to spend the press tour talking about the hours they spent in the makeup chair every day. Sometimes that patience results in a huge hit for them. Those are actually the kind of sacrifices done by them.

There are a lot of actors who were rendered completely unrecognizable by their prosthetics and makeup. Sometimes these transformations are done for the purpose of adapting a non-human character to the screen, sometimes they’re done to help an A-list movie star disappear into a dramatic role, and sometimes they’re done for purely comedic effect.

These are 5 unrecognizable actors in their character’s makeup:

1) Jacob Tremblay (Wonder)

Jacob Tremblay is unrecognizable as Auggie Pullman in the new movie ‘Wonder’. To play the 10-year-old boy with Treacher Collins Syndrome who is the heart and soul of the film, Tremblay, 11, had to endure two hours of makeup each day of filming. The film, based on R.J. Palacio’s 2012 novel, chronicles the struggles of a young boy with a rare disease, known in medical terminology as mandibulofacial dysostosis, which causes abnormalities of the head and face.

2) Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)

Ryan Reynolds looking completely and shockingly unrecognizable in the movie ‘Deadpool’. He was snapped sporting burns and scars all over his face as his character Wade Wilson is known in the Marvel world for being disfigured. The movie makeup looked gruesomely realistic with the reddish makeup on and no eyebrows.

3) Helena Bonham Carter (Alice In Wonderland)

Helena Bonham Carter might actually have the bigger transformation playing The Queen of Hearts in Tim Burton’s dark take ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie. She had to go through a vigorous makeup process for it.

4) Oscar Isaac (X Men: Apocalypse)

Oscar Isaac had to endure hours of make-up prosthetics. He got encased in glue, latex, and a 40-pound suit, that he had to wear a cooling mechanism at all times. He couldn’t even move his head, ever.

5) Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story)

Naomi Grossman is so unrecognizable in her own phenomenal on-screen transformation as Pepper in the one and only ‘American Horror Story’ movie. Pepper’s appearance is definitely unique and she is known for her quirky smile and a single tuft of hair tied neatly tied in a bow. The actress, who in real life is stunning with her bold features, had no qualms in embodying the intriguing character.

Sources: YouTube TheThings.

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