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Agree Or Disagree? These Are Several Facts of K-Dramas You Should Know

K-dramas have become a worldwide sensation, and you need to be well-versed in all things K-drama if you want to be a pop culture connoisseur/productive denizen of the entertainment-loving internet. Then there’s the most crucial reason to watch K-dramas: they’re entertaining. They’re addicting and fantastic, and you’ll be glad you added them to your pop-culture diet.

Korean dramas, which are known for their intriguing plots and powerful plot twists, may quickly shift from highly sweet to incredibly devastating scenes. Variety is precisely what keeps viewers returning for more. But how or what was the reason it became so popular these days? Here are a few:

1. Easy to binge

Picture: Asia One

Unlike many American shows, Korean dramas are more episodic, with most series running between 12 and 13 episodes. This makes catching up on your favorite show a lot easier. Another distinction between these Western productions and K-Dramas is that many K-Dramas only have a couple of seasons. This allows viewers to binge-watch the show, which is a much different experience than having to watch it from beginning to end.

2. Soundtracks

Picture: Cosmopolitan

K-Pop music is even more popular than K-Dramas. These days, bubblegum-flavored ballads are all the rage among teenagers all around the world, with bands like BTS, Red Velvet, and Blackpink becoming synonymous with Korean and Western adolescent culture. To take advantage of this, many K-Dramas aimed at a younger or more general audience will include hip and happening melodies for the kids to hop to. These songs will be used in romantic and emotional sequences, as well as the closing music for each episode.

3. Cultural Immersion

Picture: Oneday Korea

Despite the fact that the Korean Wave has been going on for several years, it is still a relatively new phenomenon for some viewers, particularly in the West. Korea had previously been regarded as a cultural “other,” with its media, history, and culture is far less well-known than that of other non-Western countries.

As interest in Korean cultural exports grows, it’s only natural that many people will turn to television, the most easily consumed cultural item, to immerse themselves in the country’s culture. Many Korean dramas, particularly those available on Netflix and other similar streaming sites, are historically based, making them both informative and enjoyable.

A lot of people literally change their lifestyle after watching K dramas. Like literally, from outfit to food to culture and way of speaking, these guys are literally soaked into the idea of Korean dramas. Like everything they do has to be related to Korean stuff.

As much as it is addictive, there’s still lots of love going on about these K-dramas which can’t seem to be denied. So, there’s no wrong in enjoying it provided you know the limits to it. Other than that, have fun binge-watching the K-series!

Sources:,SBS,Marie Claire

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