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Easy Way To Make Simple Video, This Is How You Can Use YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is actually a short-form video service that lets all the users to create and also upload a particular video of 15 seconds or even less on the YouTube online video sharing and social media platform. It also features a multi-segment camera to string multiple video clips together, the option to record with music from a library of songs, speed controls, and a timer and countdown to keep you notified. People love to use this service to share information.

Part of the appeal of these YouTube Shorts, particularly with younger audiences, is that it is immediately satisfying to all of the viewers and also they can go right into the next video to quickly get another satisfying moment. It has a very stickiness factor to it. It is indeed an easy way to make a simple videos, this is how you use YouTube Shorts features.

Picture: Variety

1) Open YouTube

Tap the YouTube icon on your Home screen or Apps menu to open YouTube. In order to make sure you have access to YouTube Shorts, make sure you have the latest version of YouTube. You can update your YouTube app in the Google Play Store on Android, or the App Store on iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap The Add Button

It’s the icon with the plus sign (+) at the bottom-center of the screen. This displays a pop-up menu that gives you the option to upload a video, create a short, or live stream.

3) Tap Create Short

It’s the second option in the “Create” menu at the bottom of the screen.

4) Tap Flip To Switch Cameras

You can use your front-facing camera or your rear-facing camera. Tap the icon with two arching arrows in the upper-right corner to switch cameras. Use your front-facing camera to shoot videos of yourself. Use your rear-facing camera to shoot videos of a scene. If you would rather upload a short clip you already made, tap the thumbnail icon in the lower-left corner. Select a video you want to upload from your Gallery or Camera Roll and tap Next in the upper-right corner.

5) Select A Video Speed

You can slow down or speed up the video when you film. This will make your video appears as if it was shot in slow-motion or time-lapse. To select a video speed, tap the icon that resembles a speedometer and select a speed. Your speed options are as follows:

  • 0.3X: This slows down your video to about ⅓ the normal speed.
  • 0.5X: This slows down your video to ½ the normal speed.
  • 1X: This is normal speed. This is the default setting.
  • 2X: This doubles the speed of your video.
  • 3X: This triples the speed of your video.

6) Select How Long Of A Video You Want To Shoot

You can shoot a short 15-second video or a 60-second video. Tap the 15 or 60 above the red “record” button at the bottom of the screen to toggle between 15 and 60 seconds.

7) Add Music To Your Video (Optional)

YouTube has a vast library of music you can use in your video short. However, if you add music to a clip, you can only shoot 15 seconds of video. Use the following steps to add music to your video:

  • Tap Add Music at the top of the screen.
  • Type the name of a song or artist in the search bar at the top.
  • Tap a song you want to use.
  • Tap the blue arrow icon to the left.

8) Adjust Where The Music Starts (Optional)

Since you can shoot no more than 15 seconds of video when you add music, you may need to adjust where the music starts. You can start the song from the beginning or you can use a specific verse or chorus of a song.

9) Set A Timer To Start Filming

In some cases, you may need to get in position before you start filming. The countdown timer not only gives you a set time before it starts filming, but also lets you set how long you want to film.

10) Tap The Red “Record” Button To Start Filming

Tap the large red button at the bottom of the screen to start filming. Tap the red square “stop” button to stop filming. Alternatively, you can tap and hold the red “record” button to start filming and release it when you want to stop filming. The red line at the top of the screen indicates how much of the time you have used. If the line isn’t completely full, you can add more clips to what you have already recorded.

  • If you are not happy with the last clip you have recorded, tap the reverse arrow pointing to the left next to the record button to undo the previously recorded clip.
  • You can zoom by tapping and dragging the red record button upwards, or by placing your fingers on the screen and spreading them apart.

11) Tap Done Icon

When you are finished recording all the clips you want to record, tap the white icon with a checkmark to proceed to the editing process. It’s in the lower-left corner.

Sources: WikiHow.

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