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Favorite Fast Foods With Almost Similar Taste? Just Get Them From Shopee!

If you guys ever notice it, every fast food that is available nowadays in every fast-food chain would easily be our favorite food. Even though it is not the main item from the menu, some of the selections in the menu would definitely be our go-to order every time that we eat there. Weirdly enough, it is so hard for us to get the same taste of our favorite fast foods from other places despite what we bought being the same as the one at the fast-food chain.

Worry not because there are actually some things that you can easily buy yourselves but you still get a similar taste of your favorite fast foods from the fast-food chain that you usually go to. What’s make it more amazing would be that you can easily buy all of them from Shopee. These are the favorite fast foods and their version that you can buy.

1) Mcd French Fries and Simplot French Fries

Link Shopee: Simplot French Fries Straight Cut

2) Nando’s Chicken and Nando’s Peri-Peri Bag And Bake

Link Shopee: Nando’s Peri-Peri Bag & Bake

3) Mcd Chicken McDeluxe and First Pride Chicken Katsu

Link Shopee: First Pride Katsu Original

4) KFC’s Iced Milo and Milo Concentrate

Link Shopee: Milo Triple Concentrate

5) Mcd Twister Fries and McCain Prosperity Spiral Fries


Link Shopee: McCain Prosperity Spiral Fries

Sources: Simplot French Fries Straight Cut, Nando’s Peri-Peri Bag & Bake, First Pride Katsu Original, Milo Triple Concentrate, McCain Prosperity Spiral Fries.

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