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Halal Or Not? This Is What You Need To Know About ‘Royce’ Chocolate’

Royce’ actually comes from Hokkaido and is the most active brand in making the currently famous nama chocolate. One of the main ingredients in its products is fresh cream from local sources. It prepares many types of aromatic, smooth, and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate by mixing cacao with fresh cream, tea, and unfortunately types of alcohol.

According to the particular Royce’ Chocolate Malaysia webpage, Royce’ chocolates indeed are not certified Halal as some of their chocolates contain liquor. However, the majority of their chocolate selection is entirely liquor-free and gelatin-free, made from plant-based ingredients. For Muslims out there, make sure you read the label before buying.

Picture: Royce’ Chocolate Malaysia

If you wanted to buy some of these, the selections for Royce’ chocolates that are completely liquor-free are:

1) Nama Mild Cacao

Picture: Royce’ Chocolate Malaysia

2) Nama Ecuador Sweet

Picture: Royce’ Chocolate Malaysia

3) Nama Ghana Bitter

Picture: Royce’ Chocolate Malaysia

4) Nama Mild White

Picture: Royce’ Chocolate Malaysia

Only a few Royce’ Chocolates contain liquor and Muslims should take note of them so that they would not accidentally buy them, namely Nama Chocolate Champagne Pierre Mignon, Nama Chocolate Bitter, Nama Chocolate Au Lait, Nama Chocolate Matcha, and Bar Chocolate Rum and Raisin.

Sources: Royce’ Chocolate Malaysia.

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