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Kim Ung-Young, The World’s Smartest Man With A PhD At Age of 8!

Kim Ung-Yong, a South Korean professor and former child prodigy, was born on March 8, 1962, and once held the Guinness World Record for the highest IQ, with a score of 210.

He is the most popular South Korean celebrity, with the 71st most popular biography and the 119th most popular biography. Want to know about Kim Ung-Yong’s story? Let’s find out.

Picture: Medium

Before bedtime, he was sitting in a crib. His mother came in to see how he was doing. She paused after tucking him in and walking out the door, fearing she’d heard something. She turned around, returned, and took a position in front of him. Then she saw that her baby was talking a few words. She was conversing with a 6-month-old infant!

By the age of nine months, he was speaking in complete sentences. He spoke fluent Korean by the end of his first year. Before he turned four, he added Spanish, German, and English to his repertoire. By the age of five, he was solving differential equations. It’s amazing, but he increased his IQ by a factor of ten. IQ tests are unquestionably terrible instruments for assessing intelligence. It’s worth mentioning, though, that he scored above 210 on a formal exam with a psychiatrist. However, many people didn’t believe what was written about Kim, hence he was often brought on national TV to prove it.


Picture: Story Pick

Kim flew to the United States at NASA’s invitation to study with and be examined by scientists. At the age of 15, he finished his Ph.D. with near-perfect grades in every subject. He then became a NASA employee, working alongside astrophysicists on cutting-edge research. He abruptly resigned ten years after joining NASA’s roster and after amassing a mountain of academic honors. He despised working for NASA because his bosses took all the glory for solving equations like a machine.

He returned to Korea and began studying to finish high school because he was unable to enroll in any university. He enrolled in a provincial institution to study Civil Engineering after receiving his GED. He thought the engineering work he was doing today was useful and offered him peace of mind.

Here’s the world’s brightest man, whose intellect rivals that of ivy league elites, and he walks away from it all. Why? He wasn’t content merely because he wasn’t happy. Talent was used to take over his childhood. He felt a stronger call for normalcy as his star got brighter. Authenticity began to show its lovely face. As a result, he went away.

The Present

Picture: Global Child Prodigy Award

Kim currently holds a tenured professorship at a university. For most individuals, this is a prestigious and competitive career, yet it’s a piece of cake for him. Korean news organizations continue to focus on Kim. They hold him up as an example of wasted potential. He was anticipated to transform the world and innovate in a variety of disciplines because of his extraordinary abilities.

Most of us may not be able to relate to Kim. However, he is eerily similar to, if not identical to, the issues that brilliant individuals face in terms of potential.

Kim currently lives a nice life, assisting in the education of young people, earning a high salary, and conducting research on a regular basis. Most importantly, he spends time with his loved ones. There will be no appearances on television. There will be no rocket ships. He was simply living his life on his own terms, as he had always desired.

Sources: Global Child Prodigy Awards, Publishous, Story Pick

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