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Only Billionaires Could Afford, 5 Most Expensive Phone Cases In The World

Phone cases are one of those things which you will tolerate or even hate. Few people actually love putting a case on their shiny new smartphone but do anyway. Many have already felt the pain, of course, of seeing a screen smashed from a 6-inch drop onto a silk cushion. But all phone cases are not created equal. Some go a bit further than the rest and also add an odd bit of sparkle. There are actually so many phone cases that are made at so expensive prices.

Not surprisingly, these phone cases could hardly be seen to be used by a lot of people in this whole wide world. This is because obviously, only billionaires could afford these kinds of things. These are the 3 most expensive phone cases.

1) Buccelati iPhone Case (US$485,000) RM2,023,661

Picture: The Jewelry Loupe

Created by designer Lucrezia Buccellati, the cases were unveiled at Baselworld, the world’s leading watch and jewelry trade show in Basel, Switzerland. Buccellati, founded in 1919 was up until now better known for engraved gold, diamond, and gemstone cuffs, earrings, and rings but have now designed the rare bespoke accessories. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s solar illustrations, the bling case is adorned with small diamond starbursts.

2) Anita Mai Tan Dragon & Spider (US$880,000) RM3,671,798

Picture: Money Inc.

A fabled designer, the reputable Anita Mai Tan of, has focused a huge number of ideas and her soul into manufacturing the Dragon and Spider phone cases. She penned them down and crafted them in such a way that they can be worn as necklaces. They don’t give away from offering the elegance and exquisiteness Anita Mai Tan has accustomed us with, having been encrusted her creations with rubies, sapphires, tsavorite, emeralds, and diamonds.

3) Casing Alexander Amosu (US$2,700,000) RM11,265,743

Picture: Super Yachts

The British entrepreneur has been commissioned to create a $2.75 million luxury version of the new Apple smartphone in solid 18 karats solid gold, fully encrusted with diamonds. Dubbed ‘Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6’, the phone will take around eight weeks to make by recreating the full body in solid 18 karat gold weighing approximately 85gsm and handset with over 6,127 brilliant-cut diamonds in VVS1 IF Colour. The apple logo will be cut to the exact shape of the apple logo from 51.29 karats (10.258g) with a cushion flawless cut.

4) Goldgenie Donald Trump Case (US$151,000) RM629,670

Picture: Fortune

This Goldgenie Donald Trump Case is made of authentic 24k gold and it is glorified with the smiling face of Donald Trump. This case is actually a unique one. It was made according to the request of a consumer from Goldgenie. The case’s corners and Apple’s logo are studded with diamonds. Plus, this case contains the following sentence, “Limited Edition 1/1”. It is so slim that you will get a better grip and hand. For Trump’s fans, this is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

5) The Tower Flower Case (US$1495) RM6,234

Picture: Most Expensive Hub

The Tower Flower Case is a much beautiful and attractive case for the iPhone. This case is made from plastic, designed with the Eiffel tower, stones, and flowers. It is a handmade premium case. You will be able to purchase it from Etsy that is a reputed online selling website. Its design may attract women easilyFor those who have enough money and want a perfectly stylish, premium, and cool case to cover their phone, then The Tower Flower Case would be a better choice for them. It is ridiculously true that the money you will pay for this case is equal to the ticket to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So it is totally up to you. If you are rich enough and wanna get a stylish and beautiful case, then you can go for it.

Sources: Luxury Launches, Luxatic, Super Yachts, Mr. Aberthon.

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