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Take A Break At These 5 Best R&Rs When Travelling Across States

When traveling across the states here in Malaysia, sightings of places called the Rest & Relaxation is actually a normal thing to see especially along the PLUS Malaysia Berhad-operated North-South Expressway (NSE). It is better known as R&R by many people. They have become an integral aspect of the Malaysian road trip experience for sure. Malaysian Highway workers indeed are doing a great job as the rest stops are well maintained and well equipped.

With a wide variation of amenities provided for everyone, several R&Rs in Malaysia offer more than just a temporary stop for weary travelers to unwind and also freshen up after a long drive. Some of the facilities available including air-conditioned restaurants, children’s playgrounds, petrol stations, Muslim prayer areas, and auto-teller machines.

These are 5 best R&Rs for you to rest:

1) R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh, Melaka

Picture: Melaka Cool

A unique twist to rest service areas, R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh is not located by the highway but over the highway! Popular fast-food chains, A&W and KFC, are placed right on the overhead bridge where you can have your meal while looking at vehicles speeding along the highway below, which offer a nice view, especially at night. Moreover, there is a local craft shop and Al-Ikhsan sports outlet if you are in the mood for a little bit of retail therapy before driving back. R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh will give you a different experience than your typical rest stop.

2) R&R Tapah, Perak

Picture: Facebook

This R&R is probably one of the most popular rest areas in Malaysia because it is often crowded with tired travelers and hungry diners during festive seasons but for a good reason. Firstly, it is a huge and beautiful place where travelers can relax their muscles on massage chairs, children have a fun time at the playground, and the place is good for strolling around to let the blood circulate around the legs. It also has a huge selection of food stalls, from local to western delicacies.

3) R&R Genting Sempah, Pahang

Picture: Foursquare

A cool breeze can surely freshen you up after a long drive. The lush mountains and chilled air surrounding R&R Genting Sempah make it ideal for travelers to rest for a while, wind down their window to let in the breeze and simply chill. Rather small compared to others, this R&R does not fall short with its two-story building complete with facilities such as prayer rooms and food stalls. You can even have a cup of coffee and a warm meal at McDonald’s.

4) R&R Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Picture: Mapio

Hailed as the best R&R PLUS of 2019, this R&R is a one-stop center. It has a spacious rest area, travelers can stop by at its famed A&W outlet or opt for Malaysian flavors with a vast selection of local dishes. You can try the authentic Negeri Sembilan dishes such as Masak Lemak Daging Salai and more. Furthermore, the facilities come complete with Auto Teller Machine (ATM), self-service Touch ‘n Go top-up kiosk, restrooms, prayer rooms, and also petrol stations, sufficient to kick-start your energy back on the road.

5) R&R Ulu Bernam, Perak

Picture: Facebook

There is no need to trouble yourself to drive to the famous eatery in Tanjung Malim because there is delicious pau buns available at this R&R. A wide range of pau fillings such as red bean, kaya, and chicken curry are on sale here. You can also purchase frozen pau to bring back for your loved ones or yourself.

Sources: R&R Seremban, R&R Genting Sempah, R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh, R&R Tapah, R&R Ulu Bernam.

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