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Three Grandmas Create ‘Monkey Busters’? Defend Crops From Pesky Primates

Whether a farmer undertakes adequate preparation while expecting the best, all farmers must prepare for the worst and overcome many problems and hindrances, which necessitates them to constantly monitor their productivity in order to achieve final success. Dealing with bugs would be a farmer’s greatest nightmare. And not just any pests. Insects and other tiny bugs can be warded off using pesticides but what if the pest is much bigger?

Monkeys are intelligent creatures, but they can be a nuisance. Having a huge group of monkeys is a major issue for farmers all over the world because they are known to cause extensive agricultural damage. They cause damage to the plants by either devouring them or racing over them. This results in significant yield losses as well as monetary concerns.

Picture: Sora News 24

On 2020 at Miyama, a Japanese area, has been dealing with the monkey business since 2015, and they appear to be of the Lehmen Brothers school of thought. The wild monkeys that have infested the area steal food from local farms and generally cause chaos in rural communities. It got to the point that the local government started organizing seminars to teach citizens how to defend themselves against the monkeys, which must have been entertaining even before it became a superhero origin myth.

Picture: New York PostOn the bright side, three of its grads were an elderly group of ladies namely Masako Ishimura (74), Tatsuko Kinoshita (68) and Miyuki Ii (67), who chose to band together and form the region’s collective Monkey Busters. They go about their usual lives throughout the day, farming, housekeeping, and likely kicking big ass at mahjong, among other things. When the alarm is heard, however, they come together to defend their people, equipped with air weapons but still wearing their aprons.

Monkeys are frequently spotted destroying onion, eggplant, soybean, and potato fields in the rural town of Hikariishi. After observing that scarecrows and anti-animal netting were unsuccessful, the ‘Monkey Busters’ took matters into their own hands. After a sighting is reported by any member of the neighborhood, the three women hurry to chase away the animals using airguns. The Monkey Busters don’t actually kill their targets but usually fire warning shots at the monkeys, and they’re frequently backed up by villagers who use loud firecrackers to scare them away.

Thanks to these brave and dedicated women, whatever they did appear to be working since the monkeys vanished for a short time, but they reappeared in July of this year, ostensibly for vengeance. Nevertheless, the group of women who called themselves ‘Monkey Busters’ was always ready to do the drill.

Sources: Huff Post, Arab News, Cracked, Japan Today, Sora News 24

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