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(Video) Bride Had To Prepare Baby’s Food During Wedding Ceremony

Because of the current horrendous COVID-19 pandemic that still hits the world nowadays, a lot of celebrations and also mass gatherings had to be put on hold to make sure that the deadly virus does not get spread to other people and make the situation worse than it has been now. One of the on-hold celebrations would be the wedding ceremony.

Because the celebration had to be put on hold, some people decided not to do the wedding ceremony at all but some other people decided to do the wedding ceremony some other time. Because of that, some couples have had the time for them to stay together in the same house after they got married before they manage to do the wedding ceremony. That is exactly what happened to this couple that has to take care of their baby during their own celebration.

@hairulazmeerbila kau nikah dah setaun lebih..n now bru buat majlis..dah terkeluar anak sorang pulak dah..🤣🤣🤣 #pengantinpkp #fyp #fypシ♬ bunyi asal – Hairul Azmeer Hussai

As every netizen can see in the recently posted TikTok video that went viral by a particular user that goes by the name Hairul Azmeer Hussai, he stated that the bride which is his wife had to prepare food for their baby even though that day is their own wedding ceremony day. She was still in her beautiful and gorgeous dress while making the food.

According to the TikToker comment, the video was recorded yesterday and the baby is already 7 months old. The couple has been happily married for 1 year and 5 months because they got married in the month of April last year.

Sources: TikTok Hairul Azmeer Hussai.

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