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(Video) Follow These Quick And Easy Way To Fill Petrol Using Your Credit Card!

Going to the petrol station can sometimes be a little hassle. First, there’s the wait. Then, there’s the payment. For most of us, we always head to the counter to state our station number, the amount we want to fill and make the payment. But that’s not the only option. You can pay using your credit card and best part is, you can do it all by yourself!

Here’s an easy and simple way on how you can operate the petrol pump by yourself.

@pandulajuAda yang baru tahu ke cara ni?

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1. Scan your credit card on the machine. If you have the Bonuslink card, push it in the card reader. And as you slot the card into the machine, the screen will have the indication that it is checking for your card’s validity. Don’t worry, this is a safe procedure.

2. Once done, don’t press anything or don’t grab the nozzle first but move further right till you see the ‘liter’ button. Press it and key in how many liters you would like to fill.

3. Now grab the nozzle and you can start filling the petrol for your car

As you fill, you can keep looking at the screen to see the liters. For instance, if you press 10 liters, once it reaches digit 10, the pump will automatically stop. Pretty simple isn’t it. The next time you want to fill petrol, you don’t have to waste time and energy walking to the counter because you can do it by yourself. Good luck trying!

Sources: TikTok Pandu Laju

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