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(Video) Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Being A Butler!

If you think butlers are just house maids, think again! Butlers are professional service professionals who have received extensive training. They learn how to correctly handle any and all demands, no matter how strange or unusual, through this exclusive training. They learn how to steam a silk clothing and how to properly turn down a bed, among other things. They also learn how to address and speak to clients. Most significantly, they assist clients in acclimating to their services, which might be more difficult for some than others.

Butlers do more than run errands, unload baggage, and iron shirts; they anticipate each guest’s wants and make sure they are addressed even before they arrive. They are frequently the ones left to deal with the weird and outright bizarre requests that come in from the property’s most eccentric patrons.

However, you can’t become a butler in just one day. Before you can even become one, you need to ensure you have the required skills.

It all starts with registering for a course and paying for it. In the United States, an eight-week butler training program costs around $15,000 USD. For $2,700, you can begin a course at the British Butler Academy. The International Butler Academy, located in the ancient city of Simpleveld in the south of the Netherlands, is the most well-known place in the world to learn buddling. This academy has 135 rooms available for training. The institution is essentially a castle, providing students with the ideal setting to feel as if they are serving the super-rich. The academy even provides luxury tools to help pupils become more comfortable working with high-end products. Even the lecturers at the academy were former butlers.

The Salary

Picture: Inquiries Journal

After you’ve completed your training, it’s time to look for work. A butler ready to relocate to the east can start at a very respectable 60,000 dollars per year. However, things might get a little more competitive in the western half of the country. One should be smart about choosing the location.

Once a butler has settled into a new place, the next step is to select the perfect boss who will provide you with excellent benefits. Security, a place to live, the opportunity to travel the world, spend time on a luxury yacht, and eat some very great food are just a few of the benefits of the professions. However, some employers are better than others in that they may provide you with presents that are much above your pay grade. Some bosses would even pay extra for a butler who speaks with a foreign accent.


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Of course, as a butler, there are some codes you need to strictly follow. Butlers adhere to a stringent code of ethics. One of the aspects is to integrate as much as possible into the surroundings. Other requirements include clean and pressed uniforms with polished shoes, clipped nails, no visible tattoos or accessories, and clean and ironed clothes. Some bosses would like their butlers to be a little more laid-back. Butlers must also be able to communicate effectively and in a variety of languages.

Butlers must also remove their social media profiles, which is an important component. They must maintain a professional image and never discuss their bosses’ personal concerns.

It may sound luxurious and classy but being a butler is never that easy. As a butler, you need to control a lot of your emotions and be extremely patient. Even if your employer asks you to undertake the most ludicrous work, you must never react with rage or dissatisfaction. A butler is unable to take time off for personal reasons or last-minute sick days. So if you don’t want to sacrifice your personal and social life, this isn’t the work for you.

In a nutshell, being a butler isn’t only about skills, but more patience and a positive mindset if you want to make this career bloom. And here’s a fun fact, butlers don’t necessarily mean it’s a man’s job. In the modern days, even women are hired to be butlers!

Sources: The Richest, Lonely Planet

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