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(Video) If You Have Lots of Coins, Use This Feature To Easily Change It

For many people in Malaysia, we would always get change in the form of coins every time we go shopping and pay for our things. After a while, all those coins would be collected in a huge amount and that makes it even harder for us to keep them. A lot of people would not know what to do with the abundance of coins that they have because nowadays, it is hard to find any coins deposit machine that works according to our free time or even that actually works to use.

For those who still do not know, worry not because there is actually still a place where you can go to save all of your coins and then you can use your money easier. The particular place that you can go would be at ‘MyPay’ and the only location would be at Subang Parade. According to the website, MyPay combines a lot of Government Agencies under one platform to facilitate users to review and search for information, as well as online payments. So easy to use.

@fxfxxxxTak tahu nak tukar duit dekat mana? Mesin dekat bank pulak selalu out of service. Syiling pulak banyak. So jom lah kita tukar dekat MyPay #fyp #xyz #vivoX70PhotographyRedefined #mypay #subangparade #kitajagakita #moneytips #lalisa

♬ LALISA – 리사 (LISA)

These are the simple steps that you have to do before you can save your coins:

  1. Download the MyPay app first.
  2. Give the coins to the staff working there.
  3. The staff would count the coins that you have using a machine and the total would go directly to your app.
  4. Wait within 1 working day.
  5. The total money would go directly to our bank account.

Sources: TikTok fxfxxxx, MyPay.

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