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(Video) Introducing ‘Tatamel Bike’, The Japanese Electric Foldable Motorbike!

Electric vehicles of all types are fun to drive, but finding parking and charging stations can be difficult, especially if you live in a densely populated area with limited outdoor space. Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a costly bicycle outside, this might be an ideal model of bike for you.

But guess what, ICOMA, a Japanese company, has produced a prototype for the Tatamel, an electric motorcycle that can be folded for convenient storage, and the business wants to put the Tatamel into production at some time in the future.

ICOMA shows how the bike can be folded and stored beneath a typical desk, allowing you to charge your car invisibly while at work.

The motorcycle is 1230mm long, 1000mm tall, and 650mm broad when fully unfurled. The bike folds down to only 700mm long, 680mm tall, and 260mm broad in its folded state. When the bike is ready to ride, the front folds up and locks into place, while the back emerges from behind a side panel and sits on a kickstand once fully detached.

Picture: Input

The Tatamel is a very normal electric motorcycle in terms of performance. It has a 600-watt motor that can go up to 25 miles per hour and has a maximum range of roughly 31 miles. The Tatamel is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery that can reach a top speed of 40 km/h. The bike can go for about 50 kilometers on a single charge when equipped with a portable power supply.

Picture: Design Taxi

ICOMA’s most recent design incorporates rectangular side panels that riders can personalize with a variety of colors and materials, as well as illustrations or particular signs. The modern bike’s seat is mounted above the side panel with a flat top, and the motorized two-handlebars wheelers protrude outward from the front. Front and rear suspension, a comprehensive LED lighting system, and the ability to charge other gadgets from the battery are among the bike’s key features.

The Tatamel is currently being developed for mass production by the business, which has not yet announced a release date or price.

Sources: ICOMA, Hype Beast, DesignBoom

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