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(Video) ‘Maggi Sup Or Maggi Kari’? Find Out Which One Malaysians Like The Most

Maggi is the most popular instant noodle in Malaysia. In Malaysia, we all know that this commodity is in every home. The flavor and texture go back to our childhood.

There is a lot of ways you can utilize Maggi. You can fry them, make soup and many more. Because of that, Youtuber named iChang RM  created a video about two types of Maggi Mee Noodles and which one Malaysia likes to eat.

First up we have team iChang who went with the ‘Ayam Maggi’ or the chicken flavored Maggi noodles with a healthier version. She uses carrots, cabbage, and green onions as choices for vegetables. The way to cook the noodles is very basic. Just boil some water and add the noodles, let it sit till it cooks. iChang adds the vegetable together with the noodles to boil them together. For seasoning, she went with the chicken powder that comes in the packet. Last but not least, add an egg. Close the pot for 2 minutes and you’re done.

It looks healthier with all the vegetables floating, almost like a Chinese soup! Of course chicken flavor Maggi noodles has zero spicy taste and to give it a punch of flavor, iChang added Sarawak white pepper.

Team Jimmy, on the other hand, chose the curry-flavored Maggi noodles. The same method of cooking, but Jimmy adds two packets of Maggi instead of one. He didn’t add any vegetables because he prefers his noodles the unhealthy yet tasty way. In a separate pan, he fried an egg. Then, he fried some garlic and shallots, to which he added sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, and one packet of Maggi seasoning. Next, he added the cooked Maggi into the pan, giving a good stir. Once combined, he added the fried egg on top of the Maggi. Last but not least, the star ingredient, cheese! Jimmy spread a generous amount of shredded cheese into the pan and let them melt for a bit.

That’s not all, Jimmy adds some sweet soy sauce and mayonnaise as part of the decoration. Looks like a lot of calories but definitely looks good too.

So, how would you prefer your noodles? Are you in team iChang or team Jimmy? Either way, have fun with your choice of instant noodles!

Sources: iChang RM

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