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(Video) Man Shows Bicycle Equipped With Engine? You Can Just Find It On Shopee

Day by day, people are getting more and more creative with all the things that they have used in their daily lives. All of these amazing ideas would come when they wanted something to make their lives better. Some of the examples would be a scooter that powers using electricity, a hoverboard, and many others. These innovations help them a lot if they wanted easier transportations for doing errands, spending leisure time at the park, going places and also others.

Another example of a great innovation would be something like this bicycle equipped with an engine that has gone viral all over the TikTok app. The video was posted by a TikToker that goes by the name Aisarlaweyy showing his own creative innovation of installing an engine on a bicycle. The result is amazing and you can just buy it from Shopee.

@aisarrrrryoooooooFixie ke motor🤔🤣 #fypdongggggggg #xyzbca #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #legend #santai

♬ DJ Lalala – yogaserge

According to the sharing, the engine could easily be bought from Shopee and you can just install it yourself. So easy.

Picture: Shopee

Shopee Link: 80cc 2 Stroke Engine Complete Kits.

To install the engine to your own bicycle, worry not because you can just follow this tutorial video from YouTube.

Sources: TikTok Aisarlweyy, YouTube FortNine, Shopee.

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