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(Video) One of The Best R&R Ever Built, This Is ‘R&R Tapah’ In Perak

Day by day, the population of fully vaccinated people here in Malaysia is getting higher and higher. When the number increases, the probability for us Malaysians to finally travel across the state would also be higher. Talking about traveling across the states, one important thing that would be in everybody’s mind would always be the R&R area.

This is because everyone would feel really glad and relieve to be taking some time for them to have a little rest after a long drive. For those who might not know, one of the most underrated R&R would be R&R Tapah that is located in Perak. Those who are traveling to the North would always take their time to visit R&R Tapah for some relaxation.

@adameji7R&R Tapah the BEST! 👍🏻 #tapah #perak #fyp #fypdongggggggg #africanmalaysian #adameji7 #malaysiatiktok

♬ original sound – Ejiofor Young

It is indeed the biggest stop to rest and also to eat some food so that you could be energized for the rest of the journey. Other than that, the restroom is also big and clean. There is actually a lot of restaurant, fruitsnacks and fast food kiosks available. Famous fast-food restaurants such as Burger King, KFC, A&W, and many others. So interesting.

If you are traveling during peak seasons such as school holidays or festive seasons, this R&R will be swarming with people. So, do not be surprised if this particular R&R will once again be full with people after we could travel across the states. Just remember to always abide by the SOP and just take care of yourself and also your family members.

Sources: TikTok Ejiofor Young.

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