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(Video) Parboiled Rice Is Great For Diet, This Is How You Can Make It Yourself

Parboiled rice is actually rice in which the rice seeds are boiled or even steamed for a moment before the skin is removed. This semi-cooked rice makes the skins that are rich in fiber and vitamins absorbed into the rice. By doing this process, it makes it become the most nutritious rice and it also tastes very good. The nutrients of this particular parboiled rice are able to match the brown rice but with its own very different taste and flavor. It is so amazing.

Unfortunately, some people are not able to buy their own parboiled rice from the store as they are quite expensive sometimes or even that kind of rice is not available in their own nearest store. Worry not because they are an easier way for anyone in this whole wide world to make their own parboiled rice using any kind of rice that they already have at home. The steps on making homemade parboiled rice are actually very easy to follow. This is the tutorial video.

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These are the steps for making your own parboiled rice:

  1. You can use any rice that you want. Fill a rice cooker with the rice you chose, then fill the rice cooker fully with water. For example, if you use 2 scoops of rice. Fill the water a little bit more than the level of the rice.
  2. Cook the rice until the water boils. After the water boils, take a little bit of the semi-cooked rice to check on it.
  3. Make sure that the rice is not completely soft. It is best if you can still feel a bit of a hard texture on it.
  4. Strain the water then wash the rice with water.
  5. Put back the rice in the rice cooker then cook the rice again without using water.

Sources: TikTok Jalaludin Abd Aziz.

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