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(Video) Scam Went Viral, Know The Truth About These Two Strange Animals!

Any fraudulent company or technique that obtains money or other items from an unsuspecting person is referred to as a scam. Online frauds have proliferated as the globe has become more linked owing to the Internet, and it’s often up to you to assist keep individuals on the Internet safe.

Today, there are thousands of different types of scams, but most of them revolve around stealing money, property, or information. It can be done via email, Whatsapp, phone chat, video, and a variety of other methods. One way you can avoid being scammed is if you find something suspicious or something you are not sure of, just don’t bother clicking the link or whatever that’s being sent.

One common form of scam these days is through videos. It’s not wrong to make videos and posts them but some people use this to scam others or simply to become popular. Here’s one example:

@iqbalahyarjangan la sebar benda tak betul semata nak viral 🥺 #TikTokGuru #JomBelajar #LearnOnTikTok

♬ original sound – Iqbal Ahyar

We’re undoubtedly used to hearing about the emergence of new species in the animal realm on a regular basis. This is most likely due to the fact that we have only identified a small portion of the thousands of species that exist. Hence, whatever we find weird, we think it’s a new discovery when actually if paid a little close attention, it might be something we’ve already known.

In this video posted on TikTok by Iqbal Ahyar, he claims that the creature is something bizarre. At the start of the video, it looks like a sea slug. There are over 2,000 species of sea slugs, which is one of the most crucial things to remember. They can be found in both shallow and deep water. Sea slugs are eaten as a delicacy in Asia.

Picture: The Sea Slug Forum

In comparison to most other mollusks, these benthic herbivorous invertebrates can become very enormous. They graze in tropical tidal and subtidal zones, primarily in the Indo-Pacific Ocean; however, they can also be found in the Atlantic Ocean, with a few species in the Mediterranean. When threatened, they frequently produce clouds of ink, which are said to blind the assailant. In self-defense, these sea slugs can create and leak harmful “substances such as ammonia,” according to new research. The Aplysia species’ capacity to hold toxins within their bodies without poisoning themselves is due to the slug’s unique toxin storage system.

After watching this video, thousands of people on the internet reacted to this strange critter, speculating on its origins and commenting on its odd appearance. However, the Sarawak Forestry Corporation, which is dedicated to the conservation of Sarawak’s biodiversity, explained that it was a flying lemur, a species that may be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Picture: Wired, ZME Science

Flying Lemurs are actually cute. However, when you see they are actually looking from below, they looked creepy, like some skinned animal. These little, fuzzy tree-dwellers aren’t actually lemurs, and they can’t fly. They can, however, glide amazing lengths between trees in the Southeast Asian jungles where they live. They are also the closest surviving cousins of primates in terms of genetics. Because flying lemurs rely on trees for food and safety, deforestation in the areas where they live poses a threat to their environment.

So don’t be fooled by everything you see online. Instead, try to do a little research before you believe something completely.

Sources: TikTok Iqbal Ahyar, Positive, Computer Hope, Alchetron, World Wildlife

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