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(Video) Why Buy If You Can Cook Them Yourself? A Whole New Level of Picnic

A picnic is indeed one of the most favorable leisure time activities that any Malaysians like to do nowadays since it has been permitted for them to do it. This is because it has been so long for them to be staying at home without any exposure to the outside world. By having a picnic activity, they could finally enjoy the fresh air breeze, and nature.

One most selected picnic spot for many people in this whole wide world would be by the ocean because it has everything interesting there. Great scenery and also have a lot of space for anyone to do anything that they like there. That is what this TikTok video that went viral is all about. Having a picnic by the ocean but one thing that stands out the most about their picnic would be their choices to prepare everything for the picnic from scratch. So creative.

@mohdhaqimi6picnic again with lauk kg, budu + ulam #foryou #viral2021 #fyp #fypシ

♬ original sound – 🅿️apa 🅱️oy New

Based on the video posted by a TikToker that goes by the name mohdhaqimi, the picnic session that they had is definitely on a whole new level. It can clearly be seen that why would you have to buy everything prepared for your picnic when you can have an enjoyable time cooking them dishes together with family members for your own picnic.

The dishes that they cooked for the picnic look so delicious and also mouth-watering. Even though they are just simple dishes as they are called ‘lauk kampung’, but they really bring out the appetite in everyone. It is even more surprising that they have decided to feast on the dishes just by using banana leaves as their plates. A one of a kind picnic experience to be experienced by many people. Looking at the comments section, everyone is also amazed.

Picture: TikTok mohdhaqimi

Picture: TikTok mohdhaqimi

Picture: TikTok mohdhaqimi

Sources: TikTok mohdhaqimi.

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