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Anime Fans Should Know? The 7 of The Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

Characters in anime are incredibly colourful and diverse. People in anime have complex personalities; they’re entire people, despite the fact that they aren’t human; they have hopes and objectives, and there’s simply so much variety in who they are. That is why so many people are drawn to anime and could spend hours watching them.

However, the bulk of modern anime series has short runs, with most of them receiving only one season. As a result, few anime series will run for more than 12 or 24 episodes.

While watching a full programme in a single day can be thrilling, many anime fans prefer a series that they can immerse themselves in. Long-running series have the ability to allow viewers to connect more deeply with the characters, making every emotional moment impact harder than on other shows. Here’s seven of the longest anime of all time:

1. Mrs Sazae (1969) 

Picture: The Guardian

Holding the top spot, Mrs Sazae is the world’s longest-running animated television series; The Simpsons pale in comparison. It first aired in 1969 and has only had to screen reruns twice in its entire run. There are around 7,332 episodes in these cartoon series!

The show follows Mrs Sazae as she lives with her husband, children, and parents in her house. Many fans still appreciate it because it gives them a nostalgic view of Japanese family life.

2. 3000 Whys Of Blue Cat (1999) 

Picture: Devian Art

Lan Mao, also known as Blue Cat, is a Chinese educational television series that debuted in 1999 and is one of the most popular children’s programmes of all time. The franchise, which was created by Beijing Sunchime Happy Culture Company, has spawned over 400 books, a theme park, and even Sega-designed video games. There are 3057 episodes in this series.

The show has spanned several seasons, with themes ranging from dinosaurs to fire prevention. The series was originally in development in English, but it was terminated owing to a lack of demand.

3. Ninja Boy Rantaro (1993)

Picture: Motion Pictures

Ninja Boy Rantaro was the ninja series to catch on television screens long before Naruto or Boruto. It premiered in 1993 and follows three ninja trainees, Rantarou, Shinbei, and Kirimaru, as they attempt to learn everything there is to know about being a ninja.

The show is significantly more funny and geared for children, with each episode lasting only ten minutes. Because the show is still on the air, the number of episodes will undoubtedly continue to rise over time. There are 2245 episodes in this series.

4. Prince Mackaroo (1998)

Picture: So Japan

Time travel is a familiar premise in programmes, and Prince Mackaroo exploits it brilliantly throughout his 1857-episode run. Using a magical stick from the demon king Enma, a young noble named Ojarumaru manages to move himself from almost 1000 years ago to the current day. He makes friends with a young boy named Kazuma and eventually joins his family.

Three demons stole the stick he uses, and they constantly trying to reclaim it, resulting in numerous amusing shenanigans throughout the series. The show is still running, so fans will be able to follow Ojarumaru’s future exploits for a bit longer.

5. Oyako Club (1993)

Picture: TV Tropes

Rompa and Lun, two aliens, join a family on Earth in this slice-of-life classic. As a result, there are lots of amusing and heartwarming interactions amongst the characters.

With each episode lasting only five minutes, it’s a traditional fish out of water storey that’s designed to be light and fun. There are 1818 episodes in this series.

6. Doraemon (1979)

Picture: IMDb

Of course, it made it to the list!

Doraemon’s original run lasted over twenty-five years, which is why there are so many episodes. The plot follows Nobita and the titular robot Doraemon as they try to help his young ward make better decisions so that his descendants will not be poor in the future.

Doraemon’s four-dimensional pocket may provide a variety of strange and delightful scenarios, as it can look to be anything. The show was so popular that it was given a relaunch, with a new animation style and other adjustments. It followed the storey of the original anime but with a new animation style and other changes.

7. Soreike! Anpanman, Go! (1988)

Picture: Anime Anime Global

When it comes to superhero origin stories, most people don’t imagine a sweet roll bean jam filling combating crime. Nonetheless, this animation, based on Takashi Yanase’s long-running children’s novel series, is cherished by Japanese viewers of all generations.

The show first aired in 1988 and has since spawned a slew of spinoffs, side tales, and films. Anpanman was also a key influence on the popular anime One Punch Man, which many fans love today. There are 1525 episodes in this series.

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