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Coffee Enthusiasts Would Love Them, Try These 5 Coffee Viral In Malaysia!

Coffee would definitely be one of the most important things that many people in this whole wide world looking for first thing in the morning. This is because coffee would give you the energy booster early in the morning that you need to face the rest of the day. There are many options for coffee nowadays that you should try at least once in life.

For those who might not know, coffee shops all over Malaysia also have become very creative in making their coffee to fulfill the demands of the people. That is why some people might have a hard time when they wanted to choose which coffee that they wanted to enjoy. Worry not, because these are 5 coffee viral in Malaysia that you can try.

1) Kopi Payong

Picture: Facebook Kopi Payong

Best Seller: Butter and Cremo

2) Kopisikal

Picture: Instagram Kopisikal

Best Seller: Vanilla Ice Latte

3) Sibuk Ngopi

Picture: Facebook Sibuk Ngopi

Best Seller: Sibuk Ngopi Signature ‘SAKA LATTE’

4) Coffee Mood Cafe


Picture: Instagram Coffee Mood Cafe

Best Seller: Signature Mood Latte

5) Kopi Gantung Wak Jam

Picture: Kopi Gantung Wak Jam

Best Seller: Mocha

Sources: Kopi Payong, Kopisikal, Sibuk Ngopi, Coffee Mood Cafe, Warung Mak Jam.

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