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Defect On ‘Nike’ Shoes Within 2 Years Wear? These Are Complete Process To Get A Refund From Nike in 2 Minutes

For many shoe lovers in this whole wide world including Malaysia, buying shoes from high-quality brands would be such an ideal option. This is because they are aiming for the longevity of use for the shoes that they have bought. Even though that the price for the shoe might be a little bit pricy, it is okay because the satisfaction that they could get from the purchase feels better. Unfortunately, these shoes might have some defects on them even after a while.

Little did many people know, high-quality brands of shoes like Nike would have their own policy product warranty and this would benefit the buyers a lot. A brand like Nike would have a warranty for up to 2 years after the shoes have been bought. If you buy Nike shoes within 2 years then get some defect on them, you can still get your refund.

Picture: Facebook Wan Khairul Kilmore

According to the Facebook post by Wan Khairul Kilmore, he mentioned that he could get a full refund for his Nike shoes specifically the Nike Vaporfly Next % even after a mileage run of 50km. The defect that the shoe has is the defect between the upper and midsole of the shoe. The steps needed to get the refund for the shoe is actually simple.

These are the steps to get a refund from Nike Store:

  • Call Nike customer service.
  • Approved return.
  • Normally they will collect at the address where the shoes were received, if the address is received at home, they will collect them at your home.
  • Make sure to place it back in the box, print the attached details, and stick it on the box.
  • Approved refund.
  • Refund will be processed within 2 working days.

Sources: Facebook Wan Khairul Kilmore.

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