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Domino’s Japan Awarding Customer With 18-Karat Golden Chopstick

Chopsticks and Asian are definitely inseparable because they use them every time for Asian food like rice, sushi, noodles, and many more. Eating with chopsticks is something unique and you probably need skills for that. You need to sandwich the chopsticks between your thumb and index finger to use them.

Meals in Japan are typically eaten using chopsticks, which are referred to as ‘hashi’ in Japanese. This is especially true of Japanese cuisine, which is virtually entirely consumed with just a pair of chopsticks. Chopsticks are used not just to consume rice and side dishes, but also to eat noodles like soba and udon. What’s surprising is that chopsticks are now used to eat pizza!

Picture: Domino’s Japan

Recently, the popular Japanese pizza business Domino’s released the Ura Domino’s Overflow Series, in which the pizzas are stuffed with an abundance of toppings, hence the term “overflow.” Domino’s claims to have coated a lineup of popular pizzas with six times the usual quantity of toppings, causing them to overflow when eaten. Domino claims that the best method to keep the toppings in place is to eat them with chopsticks, thus each order will come with an exclusive set.

Picture: Sora News 24

Japan has long been noted for its innovative and eye-catching products and activities. Domino’s Japan will be giving its customers free pizza coupons and a pair of 18-karat gold chopsticks with a Domino’s logo-shaped chopstick rest and a fancy case to one fortunate customer to honour the release of the series. The gold chopsticks are said to be 19 centimeters (7.5 inches) long and weigh 72 grams (2.5 ounces).

The campaign will run through the 19th of November. To enter, interested customers in Japan can simply click the #ドミノ黄金の箸 target retweet link on Twitter. While only one buyer will receive the golden pair of chopsticks, the remaining 20 will receive ten free pizza tickets. On November 24th, Domino’s Japan will contact the lucky winners.

Sources: Live Japan, Grapee, Sora News 24, Japan Insides

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