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Experience Traditional Life, Visit The ‘Kampung Adat Melayu Seri Banian’

Kampung Adat Melayu Seri Banian is located specifically in Pendang, Kedah. It was actually founded by a martial arts teacher and the particular place offers the unique atmosphere of traditional Malay life for all of the public to experience for themselves and also to experience being in the old days and at the same time get to know more the old Malay culture.

As can be seen in the posted video that went viral on the TikTok app recently, the particular place looks so beautiful and also magnificent. People who visit there would definitely feel the peace and the calm environment and they can really enjoy it. Kampung Adat Melayu Seri Bunian brings back the concept of traditional culture that indeed consists of houses and cultures of Acheh, Banjar, Bugis, Jawa, and also Minangkabau to name a few other than the old Malay.

@rosebiru95Reply to @blackhere3 betul. Berkonsepkan adat melayu. Dengar cita makanan best sini. Belum try lagi. Sapa pandai shot gambar nice la. Saya kayu je.♬ الصوت الأصلي – R

@rosebiru95Reply to @yattshaari terapi jiwa.Siapa lagi yg akn memartabatkan asal usul kita klu bukan generasi sekarang. Tiber. Btw ketenangan itu perlu dicari✌🏻♬ original sound – 😉ZioBANDUNG😉

The owner stated that the word ‘Seri Banian’ actually refers to a radiant village, the word ‘Ban’ means village in Siamese while ‘Nian’ means lonely which if combined with ‘Seri Banian’ makes it the radiant of the lonely village.

There are some old Malay houses that have their own interesting identity and design and the difference in design is based on the roof structure of the house. The atmosphere there really feels like in the Malay era, including there is a hall built with Malay archipelago design and traditional food is also provided to visitors at reasonable prices there.

Sources: Facebook Kampung Adat Melayu Seri Banian, TikTok rosebiru95.

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