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Look’s Good? Family Mart Introduces ‘Unicorn Cheese Croissant Sandwich’!

Family Mart Malaysia has recently decided to add some splash of colours on its own menu. The new food released by them is the ‘Unicorn Cheese Croissant Sandwich’ and it looks so colourful and also delicious. You definitely have to get yours now from the store to find out the real taste of the newly released food. Without a doubt, it does look great.

According to their post that stated that their brand new ‘Unicorn Cheese Croissant Sandwich’ will definitely add a splash of colour to your own day. It is made with delicious, melty and colourful stretchy cheese with a fruity flavour.


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A post shared by FamilyMart Malaysia (@familymartmy)

They also suggested the best way on how to enjoy their new product by saying, “Best experience when it is hot for the pulling cheese effect! If the croissant is not hot, suggest reheating with oven or even air fryer at 120-130C for 10 mins until the cheese is fully melted”. Even the method to enjoy the food is also attractive. You guys should try it for sure.

Sources: Instagram Family Mart.

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