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Overfilling Your Fuel Tank Could Be Dangerous, These Are The 3 Consequences

Many people might not know this but the extra gas that you seek out of the gas station pump can actually negatively impact your own car. Getting more for your money is usually considered a good thing, but when it comes to fueling your car up with gas, it is indeed safer to stop when the pump clicks. This is because the extra gas you might gain just is not in your favor or even the environment’s best interests. As a matter of fact, that kind of action can bring harm.

So, the next time you decide to fill up your fuel tank. Just do it sufficiently for the amount that your fuel tank needs. Do not try to force the extra gas into your fuel tank because you are just wasting your money by doing it that way. Perhaps you might still think that there would be no other consequences than that but there are. These are 3 of them.

Picture: TUV Rheinland

1) You Might Damage Your Car

A complex array of charcoal canisters, tubes, valves, and sensors comprise a system designed to handle gasoline vapors only, not liquid fuel. Jamming too much fuel into it repeatedly can result in a Check Engine state that will keep your car from passing an emissions test and could cost hundreds of dollars or more to repair.

2) You Will Waste Money

When you force-fill, excess either flows out into a little drain below your fuel filler neck and onto your shoes, or it flows back into the gas pump in which case you’re paying the gas station to take some of its own gas back.

3) You Release Emissions

Overfilling can defeat the vapor recovery nozzles found on many pumps. It seems tempting to ram more fuel into your tank to delay the next fill, but people have found that their cars only take another fraction of a gallon when they do it, rounding off to about 15 more miles in real-world driving. Stick to one click.

Sources: CNET.

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